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Low Jen Hui Jeffrey
Low, J.
Low, J.J.H.


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12009A multimodality approach to reversible paraneoplastic encephalitis associated with ovarian teratomasTang, T.; Tay, K.Y.; Chai, J.; Agarwal, A.; Low, J. ; Lee, E.L.; Chuah, K.L.; Sittampalan, K.S.; Wong, C.F.; Dalmau, J.; Ngeow, J.; Soh, L.T.; Tan, M.-H.
21-Jan-1993Clinical experience with the Silc Cup Vacuum Extractor.Low, J ; Ng, TY; Chew, SY
32018Clinical genetic testing outcome with multi-gene panel in Asian patients with multiple primary cancersChan, G.H.J; Ong, P.Y; Low, J.J.H ; Kong, H.L; Ow, S.G.W; Tan, D.S.P ; Lim, Y.W; Lim, S.E; Lee, S.-C
4Jun-2012Clinical outcomes in endometrial cancer care when the standard of care shifts from open surgery to roboticsMok, Z.W.; Yong, E.L. ; Low, J.J.H. ; Ng, J.S.Y. 
52015CSIOVDB: A microarray gene expression database of epithelial ovarian cancer subtypeTan, T.Z ; Yang, H ; Ye, J ; Low, J ; Choolani, M ; Peng Tan, D.S ; Thiery, J.-P ; Huang, R.Y.-J 
61-Nov-2020Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma of the vulvaDashraath, Pradip; Tan, Kong Bing ; Low, Jen Hui Jeffrey 
725-Apr-2019Does external beam radiation boost to pelvic lymph nodes improve outcomes in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer?Wujanto, Caryn; Choo, Bok Ai ; Tan, David; Ilancheran, Arunachalam ; Ng, Joseph; Low, Jeffrey JH ; Shen, Liang ; Tang, Johann; Koh, Vicky
81-Dec-1995Eclampsia - Are we doing enough?Low, JJH ; Yeo, GSH
9Nov-2011Enterobius vermicularis infestation of the endometrium - a cause of menstrual irregularity and review of literatureNg, Y.W.; Ng, S.B.; Low, J.J.H. 
10Jun-2012Epithelial ovarian cancerNg, J.S.; Low, J.J.H. ; Ilancheran, A. 
1131-Aug-2021GAGE mediates radio resistance in cervical cancers via the regulation of chromatin accessibilityNin, Dawn Sijin ; Wujanto, Caryn; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Lim, Diana ; Damen, J Mirjam A; Wu, Kuan-Yi; Dai, Ziyu Melvin ; Lee, Zheng-Wei ; Idres, Shabana Binte ; Leong, Yiat Horng; Jha, Sudhakar ; Ng, Joseph Soon-Yau ; Low, Jeffrey JH ; Chang, Shih-Chung; Tan, David Shao Peng ; Wu, Wei; Choo, Bok Ai ; Deng, Lih-Wen 
12Jun-2012Gynaecological cancer in pregnancyIlancheran, A. ; Low, J. ; Ng, J.S.
132009High wavenumber raman spectroscopy for in vivo detection of cervical dysplasiaMo, J. ; Zheng, W. ; Huang, Z. ; Low, J.J.H. ; Ng, J.; Ilancheran, A. 
141-Jul-2010HPV16 E2 is an immediate early marker of viral infection, preceding E7 expression in precursor structures of cervical carcinomaXue, Y.; Bellanger, S.; Zhang, W.; Lim, D. ; Low, J. ; Lunny, D.; Thierry, F.
151-Jan-2017Labia Majora ShareLee, H ; Yap, YL ; Low, JJH ; Lim, J
16Jun-2012Malignant ovarian germ-cell tumoursLow, J.J.H. ; Ilancheran, A. ; Ng, J.S.
1729-Jun-2021PD-L1 Expressing Recurrent Clear Cell Carcinoma of the Vulva with Durable Partial Response to Pembrolizumab: A Case ReportSachdeva, Manavi; Ngoi, Natalie YL ; Lim, Diana ; Poon, Michelle LM ; Thian, Yee Liang ; Lim, Yi Wan; Lim, Siew Eng ; Tong, Pearl ; Lum, Jeffrey HY ; Ng, Joseph ; Ilancheran, Arunachalam ; Domingo, Efren J; Low, Jeffrey JH ; Tan, David SP 
182009Primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma of the vulva: A typical cutaneous lesion with an 'atypical' presenting siteKoh, L.P.; Poon, M.L.M.; Wong, L.C.; Ng, S.B. ; Low, J.J.H. 
19Jul-2014Trends in gynecologic cancer mortality in East Asian regionsLee, Jung-Yun; Kim, Eun-Yang; Jung, Kyu-Won; Shin, Aesun; Chan, Karen KL; Aoki, Daisuke; Kim, Jae-Weon; Low, Jeffrey JH ; Won, Young-Joo