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11-Dec-2019Analysis of gene expression signatures identifies prognostic and functionally distinct ovarian clear cell carcinoma subtypesTan, Tuan Zea ; Ye, Jieru ; Yee, Chung Vin ; Lim, Diana; Ngoi, Natalie Yan Li ; Tan, David Shao Peng; Huang, Ruby Yun-Ju 
22015CSIOVDB: A microarray gene expression database of epithelial ovarian cancer subtypeTan, T.Z ; Yang, H ; Ye, J ; Low, J ; Choolani, M ; Peng Tan, D.S ; Thiery, J.-P ; Huang, R.Y.-J 
32015Functional relevance of a six mesenchymal gene signature in epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) reversal by the triple angiokinase inhibitor, nintedanib (BIBF1120)Huang, R.Y.-J ; Kuay, K.T ; Tan, T.Z ; Asad, M; Tang, H.M ; Chun Ng, A.H ; Ye, J ; Chung, V.Y ; Thiery, J.P 
42016GRHL2-miR-200-ZEB1 maintains the epithelial status of ovarian cancer through transcriptional regulation and histone modificationChung, V.Y ; Tan, T.Z ; Tan, M; Wong, M.K ; Kuay, K.T ; Yang, Z; Ye, J ; Muller, J; Koh, C.M; Guccione, E ; Thiery, J.P ; Huang, R.Y.-J 
52019SNAI1 recruits HDAC1 to suppress SNAI2 transcription during epithelial to mesenchymal transitionSundararajan, V. ; Tan, M.; Tan, T.Z. ; Ye, J. ; Thiery, J.P. ; Huang, R.Y.-J. 
62019The FZD7-TWIST1 axis is responsible for anoikis resistance and tumorigenesis in ovarian carcinomaTan, M.; Asad, M.; Heong, V.; Wong, M.K. ; Tan, T.Z. ; Ye, J. ; Kuay, K.T. ; Thiery, J.P. ; Scott, C.; Huang, R.Y.-J. 
72019The role of GRHL2 and epigenetic remodeling in epithelial–mesenchymal plasticity in ovarian cancer cellsChung, V.Y. ; Tan, T.Z. ; Ye, J. ; Huang, R.-L.; Lai, H.-C.; Kappei, D. ; Wollmann, H.; Guccione, E.; Huang, R.Y.-J.