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12018A loss-of-function genetic screening reveals synergistic targeting of AKT/mTOR and WTN/β-catenin pathways for treatment of AML with high PRL-3 phosphataseZhou, J ; Toh, S.H.-M; Chan, Z.-L; Quah, J.Y; Chooi, J.-Y ; Tan, T.Z ; Chong, P.S.Y ; Zeng, Q ; Chng, W.-J 
220-Sep-2018Aberrant hyperediting of the myeloma transcriptome by ADAR1 confers oncogenicity and is a marker of poor prognosisTeoh, Phaik Ju ; An, Omer ; Chung, Tae-Hoon ; Chooi, Jing Yuan ; Toh, Sabrina HM ; Fan, Shuangyi ; Wang, Wilson ; Koh, Bryan TH; Fullwood, Melissa J ; Ooi, Melissa G ; de Mel, Sanjay; Soekojo, Cinnie Y; Chen, Leilei ; Ng, Siok Bian ; Yang, Henry ; Chng, Wee Joo 
32020ASLAN003, a potent dihydroorotate dehydrogenase inhibitor for differentiation of acute myeloid leukemiaZhou, J.; Quah, J.Y. ; Ng, Y. ; Chooi, J.-Y. ; Toh, S.H.-M. ; Lin, B.; Tan, T.Z. ; Hosoi, H. ; Osato, M. ; Seet, Q.; Lisa Ooi, A.G.; Lindmark, B.; McHale, M.; Chng, W.-J. 
41-Jan-2021Determinants of response to daratumumab in Epstein-Barr virus-positive natural killer and T-cell lymphomaMustafa, Nurulhuda ; Nee, Adina Huey Fang ; Chooi, Jing Yuan ; Toh, Sabrina Hui Min ; Chung, Tae-Hoon ; Selvarajan, Viknesvaran ; Fan, Shuangyi ; Ng, Siok Bian ; Poon, Michelle ; Chan, Esther ; Lee, Joanne; Chee, Yen Lin ; Jeyasekharan, Anand D ; Zhou, Longen; Yang, Jennifer; Chng, Wee Joo 
515-Sep-2019IL6 Promotes a STAT3-PRL3 Feedforward Loop via SHP2 Repression in Multiple MyelomaChong, Phyllis SY ; Zhou, Jianbiao ; Lim, Julia SL ; Hee, Yan Ting; Chooi, Jing-Yuan ; Chung, Tae-Hoon ; Tan, Zea Tuan ; Zeng, Qi ; Waller, Daniel D; Sebag, Michael; Chng, Wee-Joo 
62017Inhibition of LIN28B impairs leukemia cell growth and metabolism in acute myeloid leukemiaZhou, J ; Bi, C; Ching, Y.Q ; Chooi, J.-Y ; Lu, X; Quah, J.Y ; Toh, S.H.-M ; Chan, Z.-L; Tan, T.Z ; Chong, P.S ; Chng, W.-J 
71-Mar-2017LIN28B Activation by PRL-3 Promotes Leukemogenesis and a Stem Cell-like Transcriptional Program in AMLZhou, Jianbiao ; Chan, Zit-Liang; Bi, Chonglei; Lu, Xiao; Chong, Phyllis SY ; Chooi, Jing-Yuan ; Cheong, Lip-Lee; Liu, Shaw-Cheng; Ching, Ying Qing ; Zhou, Yafeng; Osato, Motomi; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Ng, Chin Hin ; Ng, Siok-Bian ; Wang, Shi ; Zeng, Qi ; Chng, Wee-Joo 
812-Feb-2021Myeloma-specific superenhancers affect genes of biological and clinical relevance in myelomaJia, Yunlu; Zhou, Jianbiao; Tan, Tze King ; Chung, Tae-Hoon; Wong, Regina Wan Ju ; Chooi, Jing-Yuan ; Lim, Julia Sze Lynn ; Sanda, Takaomi ; Ooi, Melissa; De Mel, Sanjay; Soekojo, Cinnie; Chen, Yongxia; Zhang, Enfan; Cai, Zhen; Shen, Peng; Ruan, Jian; Chng, Wee-Joo 
928-Feb-2019Non-canonical activation of beta-catenin by PRL-3 phosphatase in acute myeloid leukemiaChong, Phyllis SY ; Zhou, Jianbiao ; Chooi, Jing-Yuan ; Chan, Zit-Liang; Toh, Sabrina Hui Min ; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Wee, Sheena; Gunaratne, Jayantha ; Zeng, Qi ; Chng, Wee-Joo 
102015PRIMA-1met (APR-246) inhibits growth of colorectal cancer cells with different p53 status through distinct mechanismsLi, X.-L; Zhou, J ; Chan, Z.-L; Chooi, J.-Y ; Chen, Z.-R; Chng, W.-J