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12018A loss-of-function genetic screening reveals synergistic targeting of AKT/mTOR and WTN/β-catenin pathways for treatment of AML with high PRL-3 phosphataseZhou, J ; Toh, S.H.-M; Chan, Z.-L; Quah, J.Y; Chooi, J.-Y ; Tan, T.Z ; Chong, P.S.Y ; Zeng, Q ; Chng, W.-J 
21-Feb-2012Engineering the First Chimeric Antibody in Targeting Intracellular PRL-3 Oncoprotein for Cancer Therapy in MiceGuo, Ke; Tang, Jing Ping ; Jie, Li; Al-Aidaroos, Abdul Qader O; Hong, Cheng William; Tan, Cheng Peow Bobby; Park, Jung Eun; Varghese, Leyon; Feng, Zhiwei; Zhou, Jianbiao; Chng, Wee Joo ; Zeng, Qi 
38-Nov-2021Erratum: Author Correction: PRL3 induces polyploid giant cancer cells eliminated by PRL3-zumab to reduce tumor relapse (Communications biology (2021) 4 1 (923))Thura, Min; Ye, Zu; Al-Aidaroos, Abdul Qader; Xiong, Qiancheng; Ong, Jun Yi; Gupta, Abhishek; Li, Jie; Guo, Ke; Ang, Koon Hwee; Zeng, Qi 
415-Sep-2019IL6 Promotes a STAT3-PRL3 Feedforward Loop via SHP2 Repression in Multiple MyelomaChong, Phyllis SY ; Zhou, Jianbiao ; Lim, Julia SL ; Hee, Yan Ting; Chooi, Jing-Yuan ; Chung, Tae-Hoon ; Tan, Zea Tuan ; Zeng, Qi ; Waller, Daniel D; Sebag, Michael; Chng, Wee-Joo 
51-Mar-2017LIN28B Activation by PRL-3 Promotes Leukemogenesis and a Stem Cell-like Transcriptional Program in AMLZhou, Jianbiao ; Chan, Zit-Liang; Bi, Chonglei; Lu, Xiao; Chong, Phyllis SY ; Chooi, Jing-Yuan ; Cheong, Lip-Lee; Liu, Shaw-Cheng; Ching, Ying Qing ; Zhou, Yafeng; Osato, Motomi; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Ng, Chin Hin ; Ng, Siok-Bian ; Wang, Shi ; Zeng, Qi ; Chng, Wee-Joo 
628-Feb-2019Non-canonical activation of beta-catenin by PRL-3 phosphatase in acute myeloid leukemiaChong, Phyllis SY ; Zhou, Jianbiao ; Chooi, Jing-Yuan ; Chan, Zit-Liang; Toh, Sabrina Hui Min ; Tan, Tuan Zea ; Wee, Sheena; Gunaratne, Jayantha ; Zeng, Qi ; Chng, Wee-Joo 
72018Phosphatase of regenerating liver-1 (PRL-1) regulates actin dynamics during immunological synapse assembly and t cell effector functionCastro-Sánchez, P; Ramirez-Munoz, R; Martín-Cófreces, N.B; Aguilar-Sopeña, O; Alegre-Gomez, S; Hernández-Pérez, S; Reyes, R; Zeng, Q ; Cabañas, C; Sánchez-Madrid, F; Roda-Navarro, P
82011Phosphatase PRL-3 is a direct regulatory target of TGFb in colon cancer metastasisJiang, Y; Liu, X.-Q; Rajput, A; Geng, L; Ongchin, M; Zeng, Q ; Taylor, G.S; Wang, J
92015PRL-3 activates mTORC1 in Cancer ProgressionYe, Z; Al-Aidaroos, A.Q.O; Park, J.E; Yuen, H.F; Zhang, S.D; Gupta, A; Lin, Y; Shen, H.-M ; Zeng, Q 
101-Oct-2021PRL-3 dephosphorylates p38 MAPK to promote cell survival under stressShi, Yin ; Xu, Shengfeng; Ngoi, Natalie Y. L.; Zeng, Qi ; Ye, Zu
1129-Jul-2021PRL3 induces polypoid giant cancer cells eliminated by PRL3-zumab to reduce tumor relapseThura, Min; Ye, Zu; Al-Aidaroos, Abdul Qader; Xiong, Qiancheng; Ong, Jun Yi; Gupta, Abhishek; Li, Jie; Guo, Ke; Ang, Koon Hwee; Zeng, Qi 
122-Nov-2021PRL3-zumab as an immunotherapy to inhibit tumors expressing PRL3 oncoprotein (vol 10, 2484, 2019)Thura, Min; Al-Aidaroos, Abdul Qader; Gupta, Abhishek ; Chee, Cheng Ean ; Lee, Soo Chin ; Hui, Kam Man ; Li, Jie; Guan, Yeoh Khay ; Yong, Wei Peng ; So, Jimmy; Chng, Wee Joo ; Ng, Chin Hin ; Zhou, Jianbiao ; Wang, Ling Zhi; Yuen, John Shyi Peng; Ho, Henry Sun Sien ; Yi, Sim Mei; Chiong, Edmund ; Choo, Su Pin ; Ngeow, Joanne; Ng, Matthew Chau Hsien ; Chua, Clarinda; Yeo, Eugene Shen Ann ; Tan, Iain Bee Huat ; Sng, Joel Xuan En; Tan, Nicholas Yan Zhi; Thiery, Jean Paul ; Goh, Boon Cher ; Zeng, Qi 
132016Role of phosphatase of regenerating liver 1 (PRL1) in spermatogenesisBai, Y; Zhou, H.-M; Zhang, L; Dong, Y; Zeng, Q ; Shou, W; Zhang, Z.-Y
1414-Sep-2021Targeting intra-viral conserved nucleocapsid (N) proteins as novel vaccines against SARS-CoVsThura, Min; En Sng, Joel Xuan; Ang, Koon Hwee; Li, Jie; Gupta, Abhishek; Hong, Jimmy Ming; Hong, Cheng William; Zeng, Qi 
1518-Jan-2021Tiny mirnas play a big role in the treatment of breast cancer metastasisTeo, Andrea York Tiang; Xiang, Xiaoqiang; Le, Minh T. N. ; Wong, Andrea Li-Ann ; Zeng, Qi ; Wang, Lingzhi ; Goh, Boon-Cher 
162007VAMP4 cycles from the cell surface to the trans-Golgi network via sorting and recycling endosomesHoai, T; Tran, T; Zeng, Q ; Hong, W 
172010VHZ is a novel centrosomal phosphatase associated with cell growth and human primary cancersTang, J.P; Tan, C.P; Li, J; Siddique, M.M; Guo, K; Chan, S.W; Park, J.E; Tay, W.N; Huang, Z.Y; Li, W.C; Chen, J; Zeng, Q