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Yinxia Chao


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A Unifying Mechanism for Cancer Cell Death through Ion Channel Activation by HAMLETStorm P.; Kjaer Klausen T.; Trulsson M.; Ho CS J.; Dosnon M.; Westergren T.; Chao Y. ; Rydström A.; Yang H. ; Pedersen S.F.; Svanborg C.
22015Association analysis of COQ2 variant in dementia and essential tremorChao Y.X. ; Ng E.Y.L.; Li H. ; Nagaendran K. ; Yih Y. ; Chong M.S.; Prakash K.M. ; Tan L. ; Au W.L. ; Zhao Y.; Zhou Z.D. ; Tio M.; Pavanni R. ; Tan E.K. 
32014Evidence of inflammatory system involvement in Parkinson's diseaseChao Y. ; Wong S.C. ; Tan E.K.
427-Nov-2020Gut-Brain Axis: Potential Factors Involved in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease (vol 11, 849, 2020)Chao, Yin-Xia ; Gulam, Muhammad Yaaseen ; Chia, Nicholas Shyh Jenn; Feng, Lei ; Rotzschke, Olaf; Tan, Eng-King 
52011HAMLET binding to ?-actinin facilitates tumor cell detachmentTrulsson M.; Yu H.; Gisselsson L.; Chao Y. ; Urbano A.; Aits S.; Mossberg A.-K.; Svanborg C.
62010HAMLET interacts with lipid membranes and perturbs their structure and integrityMossberg A.-K.; Puchades M.; Halskau Ø.; Baumann A.; Lanekoff I.; Chao Y. ; Martinez A.; Svanborg C.; Karlsson R.
72016Neural substrates of excessive daytime sleepiness in early drug na�ve Parkinson's disease: A resting state functional MRI studyWen M.-C. ; Ng S.Y.E.; Heng H.S.E.; Chao Y.X. ; Chan L.L. ; Tan E.K. ; Tan L.C.S. 
81-May-2022Parkinson's Disease-Specific Autoantibodies against the Neuroprotective Co-Chaperone STIP1Tan, Jolene Su Yi; Lee, Bernett; Lim, Jackwee; Ma, Dong Rui; Goh, Jia Xin; Goh, Suh Yee ; Gulam, Muhammad Yaaseen ; Koh, Ser Mei; Lee, Weiling Wendy; Feng, Lei ; Wang, Qing; Chao, Yinxia ; Rotzschke, Olaf; Tan, Eng King 
92016Plasma coenzyme Q10 levels and multiple system atrophyChao Y.X. ; Zhou Z. ; Tan E.-K.