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Matthew Wook Chang
Chang M.W.
Chang, Matthew Wook
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Jun-2019A novel synchronization approach using synthetic magnetic Escherichia coliLING HUA ; CHANG, MATTHEW WOOK 
218-Nov-2022An Engineered Probiotic Produces a Type III Interferon IFNL1 and Reduces Inflammations in in vitro Inflammatory Bowel Disease ModelsChua, Koon Jiew ; Ling, Hua ; Hwang, In Young ; Lee, Hui Ling ; March, John C; Lee, Yung Seng ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
32018An oleaginous yeast platform for renewable 1-butanol synthesis based on a heterologous CoA-dependent pathway and an endogenous pathway 06 Biological Sciences 0604 GeneticsYu, A; Zhao, Y; Pang, Y; Hu, Z; Zhang, C; Xiao, D; Chang, M.W ; Leong, S.S.J 
41-Dec-2017Applying the design-build-test paradigm in microbiome engineeringPham, Hoang Long ; Ho, Chun Loong ; Wong, Adison; Lee, Yung Seng ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
52019Author Correction: Building a global alliance of biofoundries (Nature Communications, (2019), 10, 1, (2040), 10.1038/s41467-019-10079-2)Hillson, N.; Caddick, M.; Cai, Y.; Carrasco, J.A.; Chang, M.W. ; Curach, N.C.; Bell, D.J.; Feuvre, R.L.; Friedman, D.C.; Fu, X.; Gold, N.D.; Herrgård, M.J.; Holowko, M.B.; Johnson, J.R.; Johnson, R.A.; Keasling, J.D.; Kitney, R.I.; Kondo, A.; Liu, C.; Martin, V.J.J.; Menolascina, F.; Ogino, C.; Patron, N.J.; Pavan, M.; Poh, C.L. ; Pretorius, I.S.; Rosser, S.J.; Scrutton, N.S.; Storch, M.; Tekotte, H.; Travnik, E.; Vickers, C.E.; Yew, W.S. ; Yuan, Y.; Zhao, H.; Freemont, P.S.
616-Jun-2020Author Correction: Engineered commensal microbes for diet-mediated colorectal-cancer chemoprevention (vol 2, pg 27, 2018)Ho, Chun Loong ; Tan, Hui Qing ; Chua, Koon Jiew ; Kang, Aram; Lim, Kiat Hon ; Ling, Khoon Lin ; Yew, Wen Shan; Lee, Yung Seng ; Thiery, Jean Paul ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
79-Apr-2021Biosynthesis of Commodity Chemicals From Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch LigninLo, Tat-Ming ; Hwang, In Young ; Cho, Han-Saem ; Fedora, Raissa Eka ; Chng, Si Hui ; Choi, Won Jae ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
89-May-2019Building a global alliance of biofoundriesHillson, Nathan; Caddick, Mark; Cai, Yizhi; Carrasco, Jose A; Chang, Matthew Wook ; Curach, Natalie C; Bell, David J; Le Feuvre, Rosalind; Friedman, Douglas C; Fu, Xiongfei; Gold, Nicholas D; Herrgard, Markus J; Holowko, Maciej B ; Johnson, James R; Johnson, Richard A; Keasling, Jay D; Kitney, Richard I; Kondo, Akihiko; Liu, Chenli; Martin, Vincent JJ; Menolascina, Filippo; Ogino, Chiaki; Patron, Nicola J; Pavan, Marilene; Poh, Chueh Loo ; Pretorius, Isak S; Rosser, Susan J; Scrutton, Nigel S; Storch, Marko; Tekotte, Hille; Travnik, Evelyn; Vickers, Claudia E; Yew, Wen Shan; Yuan, Yingjin; Zhao, Huimin; Freemont, Paul S
91-Oct-2017Designer probiotics for the prevention and treatment of human diseasesChua, Koon Jiew ; Kwok, Wee Chiew ; Aggarwal, Nikhil ; Sun, Tao ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
102020Development of a Proline-Based Selection System for Reliable Genetic Engineering in Chinese Hamster Ovary CellsSun, Tao ; Kwok, Wee Chiew ; Chua, Koon Jiew ; Lo, Tat-Ming ; Potter, Jason; Yew, Wen Shan ; Chesnut, Jonathan D; Hwang, In Young ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
1121-Mar-2017Drug Targeting of the Human MicrobiomeLing, Hua; Foo, Jee L ; Saxena, Gourvendu; Swarup, Sanjay ; Chang, Matthew W 
122015Dynamics of infant gut microbiota are influenced by delivery mode and gestational duration and are associated with subsequent adiposityHo C.L. ; Hwang I.Y.; Loh K.; Chang M.W. 
131-Jan-2018Engineered commensal microbes for diet-mediated colorectal-cancer chemopreventionHo, Chun Loong ; Tan, Hui Qing ; Chua, Koon Jiew ; Kang, Aram; Lim, Kiat Hon ; Ling, Khoon Lin ; Yew, Wen Shan; Lee, Yung Seng ; Thiery, Jean Paul ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
142017Engineered probiotic Escherichia coli can eliminate and prevent Pseudomonas aeruginosa gut infection in animal modelsHwang, I.Y ; Koh, E ; Wong, A; March, J.C; Bentley, W.E; Lee, Y.S ; Chang, M.W 
152017Engineering a riboswitch-based genetic platform for the self-directed evolution of acid-Tolerant phenotypesPham, H.L ; Wong, A; Chua, N ; Teo, W.S ; Yew, W.S ; Chang, M.W 
166-Oct-2020Engineering an Alcohol-Forming Fatty Acyl-CoA Reductase for Aldehyde and Hydrocarbon Biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeJee Loon Foo ; Bahareh Haji Rasouliha ; Adelia Vicanatalita Susanto ; Susanna Su Jan Leong ; Matthew Wook Chang 
171-Apr-2020Engineering commensal bacteria to rewire host–microbiome interactionsHwang In Young ; Chang,Matthew Wook 
1823-May-2023Engineering Escherichia coli for diagnosis and management of hyperuricemiaGencer, Gozde; Mancuso, Christopher; Chua, Koon Jiew ; Ling, Hua ; Costello, Cait M; Chang, Matthew Wook ; March, John C
191-Aug-2018Engineering microbes for targeted strikes against human pathogensHwang, In Young ; Lee, Hui Ling ; Huang, James Guoxian; Lim, Yvonne Yijuan; Yew, Wen Shan; Lee, Yung Seng ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
202011Engineering microbes to sense and eradicate Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a human pathogenSaeidi, N ; Wong, C.K; Lo, T.-M ; Nguyen, H.X; Ling, H ; Leong, S.S.J ; Poh, C.L ; Chang, M.W