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11-Dec-2021A high-throughput pipeline for scalable kit-free RNA extractionHan, Ping ; Go, Maybelle K ; Chow, Jeng Yeong ; Xue, Bo ; Lim, Yan Ping ; Crone, Michael A; Storch, Marko; Freemont, Paul S ; Yew, Wen Shan 
21-Oct-2021A Novel Lipase from Lasiodiplodia theobromae Efficiently Hydrolyses C8-C10 Methyl Esters for the Preparation of Medium-Chain Triglycerides' PrecursorsNg, Andre Mong Jie ; Yang, Renliang; Zhang, Hongfang; Xue, Bo ; Yew, Wen Shan ; Nguyen, Giang Kien Truc
32019Author Correction: Building a global alliance of biofoundries (Nature Communications, (2019), 10, 1, (2040), 10.1038/s41467-019-10079-2)Hillson, N.; Caddick, M.; Cai, Y.; Carrasco, J.A.; Chang, M.W. ; Curach, N.C.; Bell, D.J.; Feuvre, R.L.; Friedman, D.C.; Fu, X.; Gold, N.D.; Herrgård, M.J.; Holowko, M.B.; Johnson, J.R.; Johnson, R.A.; Keasling, J.D.; Kitney, R.I.; Kondo, A.; Liu, C.; Martin, V.J.J.; Menolascina, F.; Ogino, C.; Patron, N.J.; Pavan, M.; Poh, C.L. ; Pretorius, I.S.; Rosser, S.J.; Scrutton, N.S.; Storch, M.; Tekotte, H.; Travnik, E.; Vickers, C.E.; Yew, W.S. ; Yuan, Y.; Zhao, H.; Freemont, P.S.
4Mar-2022Biologically engineered microbes for bioremediation of electronic waste: Wayposts, challenges and future directionsHan, Ping ; Teo, Wei Zhe ; Yew, Wen Shan 
51-May-2021Biosynthesis of Nature-Inspired Unnatural CannabinoidsLim, Kevin JH ; Lim, Yan Ping ; Hartono, Yossa D ; Go, Maybelle K ; Fan, Hao ; Yew, Wen Shan 
6Sep-2019Characterisation of Constitutive Promoters from the Anderson library in Chromobacterium violaceum ATCC 12472LIOW LU TING ; MAYBELLE DARLENE KHO GO ; YEW WEN SHAN 
7Sep-2019Characterisation of the bacterial biosensor GMG in E‐coli BL21 (DE3)RASHMI RAJASABHAI ; MAYBELLE DARLENE KHO GO ; YEW WEN SHAN 
82020Development of a Proline-Based Selection System for Reliable Genetic Engineering in Chinese Hamster Ovary CellsSun, Tao ; Kwok, Wee Chiew ; Chua, Koon Jiew ; Lo, Tat-Ming ; Potter, Jason; Yew, Wen Shan ; Chesnut, Jonathan D; Hwang, In Young ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
92013Development of quorum-based anti-virulence therapeutics targeting Gram-negative bacterial pathogens.Tay, S.B ; Yew, W.S. 
102009Directed evolution of a quorum-quenching lactonase from Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis K-10 in the amidohydrolase superfamilyJeng, Y.C.; Wu, L. ; Wen, S.Y. 
116-May-2022Engineered Nucleotide Chemicapacitive Microsensor Array Augmented with Physics-Guided Machine Learning for High-Throughput Screening of CannabidiolYap, Stephanie Hui Kit ; Pan, Jieming ; Dao, Viet Linh ; Zhang, Xiangyu ; Wang, Xinghua ; Teo, Wei Zhe ; Zamburg, Evgeny ; Tham, Chen-Khong ; Yew, Wen Shan ; Poh, Chueh Loo ; Thean, Aaron Voon-Yew 
122017Engineering a riboswitch-based genetic platform for the self-directed evolution of acid-Tolerant phenotypesPham, H.L ; Wong, A; Chua, N ; Teo, W.S ; Yew, W.S ; Chang, M.W 
132016Exploiting the biosynthetic potential of type III polyketide synthasesLim, Y.P ; Go, M.K ; Yew, W.S 
141-Mar-2021Genetically Encodable Scaffolds for Optimizing Enzyme FunctionTan, Yong Quan ; Xue, Bo ; Yew, Wen Shan 
152014Identification of polyketide inhibitors targeting 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase in the shikimate pathway of Enterococcus faecalisCheung V.W.N. ; Xue B.; Hernandez-Valladares M.; Go M.K. ; Tung A.; Aguda A.H.; Robinson R.C. ; Yew W.S. 
162018Immunomodulation as therapy for fungal infection: Are we closer?Sam, Q.H. ; Yew, W.S. ; Seneviratne, C.J. ; Chang, M.W. ; Chai, L.Y.A. 
172018Mutational Mtc6p attenuates autophagy and improves secretory expression of heterologous proteins in Kluyveromyces marxianus 06 Biological Sciences 0601 Biochemistry and Cell BiologyLiu, Y; Mo, W.-J; Shi, T.-F; Wang, M.-Z; Zhou, J.-G; Yu, Y; Yew, W.-S ; Lu, H
181-Jan-2022Recent Advances in Structure, Function, and Pharmacology of Class A Lipid GPCRs: Opportunities and Challenges for Drug DiscoveryKrishna Deepak, RNV; Verma, Ravi Kumar; Hartono, Yossa Dwi ; Yew, Wen Shan ; Fan, Hao 
192010Site-directed mutagenesis on human cystathionine-gamma-lyase reveals insights into the modulation of H2S production.Huang, S.; Chua, J.H. ; Yew, W.S. ; Sivaraman, J. ; Moore, P.K.; Tan, C.H. ; Deng, L.W. 
205-Apr-2022Structure-Guided Engineering of Prenyltransferase NphB for High-Yield and Regioselective Cannabinoid ProductionLim, Kevin Jie Han ; Hartono, Yossa Dwi ; Xue, Bo ; Go, Maybelle Kho ; Fan, Hao ; Yew, Wen Shan