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14-Apr-2008Application of micro-solid-phase extraction for the determination of persistent organic pollutants in tissue samplesBasheer, C. ; Narasimhan, K. ; Yin, M.; Zhao, C.; Choolani, M. ; Lee, H.K. 
216-Feb-2022Association of plasma kynurenine pathway metabolite concentrations with metabolic health risk in prepubertal Asian children.Tan, Karen Mei-Ling ; Tint, Mya-Thway ; Kothandaraman, Narasimhan ; Yap, Fabian ; Godfrey, Keith M; Lee, Yung Seng ; Tan, Kok Hian ; Gluckman, Peter D ; Chong, Yap-Seng ; Chong, Mary FF ; Eriksson, Johan G; Cameron-Smith, David
32007Circulating haptoglobin is an independent prognostic factor in the sera of patients with epithelial ovarian cancerZhao, C.; Annamalai, L. ; Koh, S.C.L. ; Zhang, H.; Biswas, A. ; Choolani, M. ; Guo, C.; Kothandaraman, N. 
41-Jan-2021COVID-19 endocrinopathy with hindsight from SARSKothandaraman, Narasimhan ; Rengaraj, Anantharaj ; Xue, Bo ; Yew, Wen Shan ; Velan, S Sendhil; Karnani, Neerja ; Leow, Melvin Khee Shing 
52009Database for exploration of functional context of genes implicated in ovarian cancerKaur, M.; Radovanovic, A.; Essack, M.; Schaefer, U.; Maqungo, M.; Kibler, T.; Schmeier, S.; Bajic, V.B.; Christoffels, A.; Narasimhan, K. ; Choolani, M. 
62010Development of quantitative-fluorescence polymerase chain reaction for the rapid prenatal diagnosis of common chromosomal aneuploidies in 1,000 samples in SingaporeBaig, S.; Ho, S.S.Y.; Ng, B.L.; Gole, L.; Kothandaraman, N. ; Rauff, M. ; Su, L.L. ; Biswas, A. ; Choolani, M. ; Chan, Y.H.; Chiu, L.; Koay, E.S.C. ; Leow, G.H.; Chan, J. ; Sun, X. 
72007Differential recovery of membrane proteins after extraction by aqueous methanol and trifluoroethanolZhang, H.; Ponnusamy, S. ; Zhao, C.; Choolani, M. ; Lin, Q. ; Teck, K.L. ; Hew, C.-L. ; Chung, M.C.M.; Joshi, S.B. ; Kothandaraman, N. ; Hon, S.K.; Arijit, B. ; Rauff, M. 
82010E2F5 status significantly improves malignancy diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancerKothandaraman, N. ; Choolani, M. ; Bajic, V.B.; Brendan, P.N.K.; Keow, P.B. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Huak, C.Y.; Razvi, K.
92003Enhancement of plant-microbe interactions using a rhizosphere metabolomics-driven approach and its application in the removal of polychlorinated biphenylsNarasimhan, K. ; Swarup, S. ; Basheer, C. ; Bajic, V.B.
101-Sep-2021Lipidomic Analysis of Archival Pathology Specimens Identifies Altered Lipid Signatures in Ovarian Clear Cell CarcinomaMir, Sartaj Ahmad ; Wong, Soon Boon Justin; Narasimhan, Kothandaraman ; Esther, Chua WL; Ji, Shanshan ; Burla, Bo ; Wenk, Markus R ; Tan, David SP; Bendt, Anne K 
112008Ovarian cancer proteomics: Many technologies one goalNarasimhan, K. ; Changqing, Z.; Choolani, M. 
1213-Feb-2023Plasma lipidomic profiling reveals metabolic adaptations to pregnancy and signatures of cardiometabolic risk: a preconception and longitudinal cohort studyChen, Li ; Mir, Sartaj Ahmad ; Bendt, Anne K ; Chua, Esther WL ; Narasimhan, Kothandaraman ; Tan, Karen Mei-Ling ; Loy, See Ling ; Tan, Kok Hian ; Shek, Lynette P ; Chan, Jerry ; Yap, Fabian ; Meaney, Michael J ; Chan, Shiao-Yng ; Chong, Yap Seng ; Gluckman, Peter D ; Eriksson, Johan G ; Karnani, Neerja ; Wenk, Markus R 
132009Proteomic technologies for prenatal diagnostics: Advances and challenges aheadHahn, S.; Choolani, M. ; Narasimhan, K. ; Kolla, V.
1412-Feb-2022The kynurenine pathway metabolites in cord blood positively correlate with early childhood adiposity.Tan, Karen Mei-Ling ; Tint, Mya-Thway ; Kothandaraman, Narasimhan ; Michael, Navin; Sadananthan, Suresh Anand ; Velan, S Sendhil; Fortier, Marielle V; Yap, Fabian ; Tan, Kok Hian ; Gluckman, Peter D ; Chong, Yap-Seng ; Chong, Mary FF ; Lee, Yung Seng ; Godfrey, Keith M; Eriksson, Johan G; Cameron-Smith, David
1517-Jan-2024Umbilical Cord Plasma Lysophospholipids and Triacylglycerols Associated with Birthweight PercentilesWong G; Narasimhan K ; Cheong WF ; Ng S ; Aris IM ; Loy SL ; Bendt AK ; Tan KH ; Yap FKP ; Shek LP ; Chong YS ; Gluckman PD ; Godfrey KM; Lee YS ; Wenk MR ; Karnani N ; Chan SY