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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Jun-2019A novel synchronization approach using synthetic magnetic Escherichia coliLING HUA ; CHANG, MATTHEW WOOK 
230-Dec-2020Development of a polymer-based antimicrobial coating for efficacious urinary catheter protectionLow, Jia Le; Kao, Patrick Hsien-Neng; Tambyah, Paul A ; Koh, Geok Liang Esther ; Ling, Hua ; Kline, Kimberly A; Cheow, Wean Sin; Leong, Susanna Su Jan 
32011Engineering microbes to sense and eradicate Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a human pathogenSaeidi, N ; Wong, C.K; Lo, T.-M ; Nguyen, H.X; Ling, H ; Leong, S.S.J ; Poh, C.L ; Chang, M.W 
42015Engineering transcription factors to improve tolerance against alkane biofuels in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeLing H. ; Pratomo Juwono N.K. ; Teo W.S. ; Liu R. ; Leong S.S.J. ; Chang M.W. 
5Jan-2020Engineering Yarrowia lipolytica towards food waste bioremediation: Production of fatty acid ethyl esters from vegetable cooking oilNG TEE KHEANG ; YU AIQUN ; LING HUA ; NINA KURNIASIH PRATOMO JUWONO ; CHOI WON JAE ; SUSANNA LEONG SU JAN ; Chang,Matthew Wook 
62020Genetic Biosensor Design for Natural Product Biosynthesis in MicroorganismsHossain G.S. ; Saini M. ; Miyake R.; Ling H. ; Chang M.W. 
720-Aug-2020Mechanism-Driven Metabolic Engineering for Bio-Based Production of Free R-Lipoic Acid in Saccharomyces cerevisiae MitochondriaChen, B ; Foo, JL ; Ling, H ; Chang, MW 
82015Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of fatty acid short- and branched-chain alkyl esters biodieselTeo W.S. ; Ling H. ; Yu A.-Q.; Chang M.W. 
91-Sep-2019Meta‐Omics‐ and Metabolic Modeling‐Assisted Deciphering of Human Microbiota MetabolismBrendan Fu‐Long Sieow; Toni Juhani Nurminen; LING HUA ; Chang,Matthew Wook 
102017Microbiome engineering: Current applications and its futureFoo, J.L ; Ling, H ; Lee, Y.S ; Chang, M.W 
1112-Feb-2018Rewriting the metabolic blueprint: advances in pathway diversification in microorganismsGAZI SAKIR HOSSAIN ; SARAVANAN PRABHU NADARAJAN ; ZHANG LEI ; NG TEE KHEANG ; FOO JEE LOON ; LING HUA ; CHOI WON JAE ; Chang,Matthew Wook 
121-Jun-2019Synthetic Biology Toolkits for Metabolic Engineering of CyanobacteriaPeng-Fei Xia ; LING HUA ; FOO JEE LOON ; Chang,Matthew Wook 
131-Nov-2019Synthetic genetic circuits for programmable biological functionalitiesPeng‐Fei Xia; LING HUA ; FOO JEE LOON ; Chang,Matthew Wook 
142018Targeted approaches for in situ gut microbiome manipulationLee, H.L ; Shen, H; Hwang, I.Y ; Ling, H ; Yew, W.S ; Lee, Y.S ; Chang, M.W 
152013Transcriptome response to alkane biofuels in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Identification of efflux pumps involved in alkane toleranceLing H. ; Chen B. ; Kang A.; Lee J.-M.; Chang M.W. 
162013Transporter engineering for improved tolerance against alkane biofuels in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeChen B. ; Ling H. ; Chang M.W.