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Harin Jung
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Allantoin accumulation through overexpression of ureide permease1 improves rice growth under limited nitrogen conditionsRedillas, M.C.F.R.; Bang, S.W.; Lee, D.-K.; Kim, Y.S.; Jung, H. ; Chung, P.J.; Suh, J.-W.; Kim, J.-K.
22020Efficiency of recombinant CRISPR/rCas9-mediated miRNA gene editing in riceChung, P.J.; Chung, H.; Oh, N.; Choi, J.; Bang, S.W.; Jung, S.E.; Jung, H. ; Shim, J.S.; Kim, J.-K.
32018Genome-wide analyses of direct target genes of four rice NAC-domain transcription factors involved in drought toleranceChung, P.J; Jung, H ; Choi, Y.D; Kim, J.-K
4Dec-2021Heterologous expression of cyanobacterial gas vesicle proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeJung, Harin ; Ling, Hua ; Tan, Yong Quan ; Chua, Nam-Hai ; Yew, Wen Shan ; Chang, Matthew Wook 
52013Oryza sativa COI Homologues Restore Jasmonate Signal Transduction in Arabidopsis coi1-1 MutantsLee H.Y.; Seo J.-S.; Cho J.H.; Jung H. ; Kim J.-K.; Lee J.S.; Rhee S.; Do Choi Y.
462017Overexpression of OsERF48 causes regulation of OsCML16, a calmodulin-like protein gene that enhances root growth and drought toleranceJung, H ; Chung, P.J; Park, S.-H; Redillas, M.C.F.R; Kim, Y.S; Suh, J.-W; Kim, J.-K
472019Overexpression of OsTF1L, a rice HD-Zip transcription factor, promotes lignin biosynthesis and stomatal closure that improves drought toleranceBang S.W.; Lee D.-K.; Jung H. ; Chung P.J.; Kim Y.S.; Choi Y.D.; Suh J.-W.; Kim J.-K.
482017The rice OsNAC6 transcription factor orchestrates multiple molecular mechanisms involving root structural adaptions and nicotianamine biosynthesis for drought toleranceLee, D.-K; Chung, P.J; Jeong, J.S; Jang, G; Bang, S.W; Jung, H ; Kim, Y.S; Ha, S.-H; Choi, Y.D; Kim, J.-K
492016Transcriptome profiling of drought responsive noncoding RNAs and their target genes in riceChung, P.J; Jung, H ; Jeong, D.-H; Ha, S.-H; Choi, Y.D; Kim, J.-K