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12018Co-activation of super-enhancer-driven CCAT1 by TP63 and SOX2 promotes squamous cancer progressionJiang Y. ; Jiang Y.-Y. ; Xie J.-J.; Mayakonda A. ; Hazawa M. ; Chen L.; Xiao J.-F. ; Li C.-Q.; Huang M.-L.; Ding L.-W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Xu L. ; Kanojia D. ; Jeitany M. ; Deng J.-W. ; Liao L.-D.; Soukiasian H.J.; Berman B.P.; Hao J.-J.; Xu L.-Y.; Li E.-M.; Wang M.-R.; Bi X.-G.; Lin D.-C. ; Koeffler H.P. 
220-Feb-2021Combined inhibition of PD-1/PD-L1, Lag-3, and Tim-3 axes augments antitumor immunity in gastric cancer–T cell coculture modelsMimura, Kosaku; Kua, Ley-Fang ; Xiao, Jin-Fen ; Asuncion, Bernadette Reyna; Nakayama, Yuko; Syn, Nicholas; Fazreen, Zul; Soong, Richie ; Kono, Koji; Yong, Wei-Peng 
32019LNK suppresses interferon signaling in melanomaDing, L.-W. ; Sun, Q.-Y. ; Edwards, J.J.; Fernández, L.T.; Ran, X.-B.; Zhou, S.-Q. ; Scolyer, R.A.; Wilmott, J.S.; Thompson, J.F.; Doan, N.; Said, J.W.; Venkatachalam, N.; Xiao, J.-F. ; Loh, X.-Y.; Pein, M.; Xu, L. ; Mullins, D.W.; Yang, H. ; Lin, D.-C.; Koeffler, H.P. 
42018Profiling the B/T cell receptor repertoire of lymphocyte derived cell lines 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1107 ImmunologyTan, K.-T ; Ding, L.-W ; Sun, Q.-Y ; Lao, Z.-T ; Chien, W ; Ren, X; Xiao, J.-F ; Loh, X.Y ; Xu, L ; Lill, M; Mayakonda, A ; Lin, D.-C; Yang, H ; Koeffler, H.P 
52014Selective inhibition of unfolded protein response induces apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cellsChien W. ; Ding L.-W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Torres-Fernandez L.A.; Tan S.Z.; Xiao J. ; Lim S.L. ; Garg M. ; Lee K.L. ; Kitajima S. ; Takao S. ; Leong W.Z. ; Sun H.; Tokatly I.; Poellinger L. ; Gery S.; Koeffler P.H.