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Zhaoli Song
Song, Z.
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11-Oct-2015A mixed blessing? Dual mediating mechanisms in the relationship between dopamine transporter gene DAT1 and leadership role occupancyLi, Wen-Dong; Wang, Nan ; Arvey, Richard D ; Soong, Richie ; Saw, Seang Mei ; Song, Zhaoli 
2Dec-2011A polymorphism in the serotonin receptor 5-HT2A gene, stressors, and momentary job satisfaction : an experience sampling studySong, Zhaoli ; Nan Wang; Wendong Li; RICHARD ARVEY ; Saw Seang Mei 
31-Jun-2006Action-state orientation and the theory of planned behavior: A study of job search in ChinaSong, Zhaoli ; Wanberg, Connie; Niu, Xiongying; Xie, Yizhong
41-Jan-2022An Asia-centric approach to team innovation: Cultural differences in exploration and exploitation behaviorHubner, S ; Frese, M; Song, Z ; Tripathi, N; Kaschner, T; Le Kong, X
55-Jul-2021An Asian-Centric View of Cross-Culture Leadership ResearchSong, Zhaoli ; Ma, Yu
61-Jun-2008Are facilitated mentoring programs beneficial? A randomized experimental field studyEgan, Toby Marshall; Song, Zhaoli 
71-Nov-2011Associations Between Dopamine and Serotonin Genes and Job Satisfaction: Preliminary Evidence From the Add Health StudySong, Zhaoli ; Li, Wendong ; Arvey, Richard D 
830-Jun-2020Behavioral genetics and affect at work: A review and directions for future researchLi, Wen-Dong ; Zhang, Xin; Song, Zhaoli ; Wang, Yating
91-Jul-2016Can genes play a role in explaining frequent job changes? An examination of gene-environment interaction from human capital theoryChi, W; Li, WD; Wang, N ; Song, Z 
101-Sep-2018Cleansing My Abuse: A Reparative Response Model of Perpetrating Abusive Supervisor BehaviorLiao, Zhenyu ; Yam, Kai Chi ; Johnson, Russell E; Liu, Wu; Song, Zhaoli 
11Nov-2020Crafting job demands and employee creativity: A diary studySun, Shuhua; Wang, Nan ; Zhu, Jinlong; Song, Zhaoli 
1221-Nov-2016Cross-level moderating effects of Conscientiousness on within-person relationships of self-efficacy to effort allocationShuhua Sun; Huaizhong Chen; Zhaoli Song 
131-Aug-2009Daily job search and psychological distress: Evidence from ChinaSong, Zhaoli ; Uy, Marilyn A; Zhang, Shuhua; Shi, Kan
141-Apr-2012Do leadership role occupancy and transformational leadership share the same genetic and environmental influences?Li, Wen-Dong; Arvey, Richard D ; Zhang, Zhen; Song, Zhaoli 
151-Sep-2013Dynamics of the Job Search Process: Developing and Testing a Mediated Moderation ModelSun, Shuhua; Song, Zhaoli ; Lim, Vivien KG 
161-Dec-2011Emotionality and leadership: Taking stock of the past decade of researchRASHIMAH BINTE RAJAH ; SONG ZHAOLI ; RICHARD ARVEY 
171-Jan-2022Exchange through emoting: An emotional model of leader–member resource exchangesLiao, Z ; Wu, L; Zhang, HJ; Song, Z ; Wang, Y
181-Jan-2013Experience sampling methods for work-family research: A review and research agendaButler, A; Song, Z ; Ilies, R 
1926-May-2022Genetic basis of job attainment characteristics and the genetic sharing with other SES indices and well-beingSong, Zhaoli ; Li, Wen-Dong; Li, Hengtong; Zhang, Xin ; Wang, Nan; Fan, Qiao 
2022-Mar-2022Genetics, leadership position, and well-being: An investigation with a large-scale GWASSong, Zhaoli ; Li, Wen-Dong; Jin, Xuye; Ying, Junbiao; Zhang, Xin ; Song, Ying; Li, Hengtong; Fan, Qiao