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Remus Ilies
Ilies, R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Alternative reference points and outcome evaluation: The influence of affectJohnson, M.D.; Ilies, R. ; Boles, T.L.
24-Feb-2020Emotional resources link work demands and experiences to family functioning and employee well-being: The Emotional Resource Possession Scale (ERPS)REMUS ILIES ; Huirong Ju; Yukun Liu; Zen Goh
32012Everyday working life: Explaining within-person fluctuations in employee well-beingXanthopoulou, D.; Bakker, A.B.; Ilies, R. 
41-Jan-2013Experience sampling methods for work-family research: A review and research agendaButler, A; Song, Z ; Ilies, R 
51-Jul-2019Feeling your pain and feeling your joy: A daily investigation of the costs and benefits of empathizing at workIlies, Remus ; Aw, Shi Yi Sherry
62012Genetic influences on core self-evaluations, job satisfaction, and work stress: A behavioral genetics mediated modelJudge, T.A.; Ilies, R. ; Zhang, Z.
7Nov-2013Guilty and helpful: An emotion-based reparatory model of voluntary work behaviorIlies, R. ; Peng, A.C.; Savani, K.; Dimotakis, N.
82013Leaders' emotional expressiveness and their behavioural and relational authenticity: Effects on followersIlies, R. ; Curşeu, P.L.; Dimotakis, N.; Spitzmuller, M. 
92015Perceived progress variability and entrepreneurial effort intensity: The moderating role of venture goal commitmentUy M.A.; Foo M.-D.; REMUS ILIES 
102019Personality characteristics that are valued in teams: Not always “more is better”?Curşeu, P.L; Ilies, R ; Vîrgă, D; Maricuţoiu, L; Sava, F.A.
112015Social and study related stressors and resources among university entrants: Effects on well-being and academic performancePluut, Helen; Curseu, Petru Lucian; REMUS ILIES 
122012The mind and heart (Literally) of the negotiator: Personality and contextual determinants of experiential reactions and economic outcomes in negotiationDimotakis, N.; Conlon, D.E.; Ilies, R.