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Guo Jiayi
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Guo, J.
Guo, J.Y.
Guo, J.-Y.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2006A warfarin-dosing model in Asians that uses single-nucleotide polymorphisms in vitamin K epoxide reductase complex and cytochrome P450 2C9Tham, L.-S.; Goh, B.-C.; Nafziger, A.; Guo, J.-Y. ; Wang, L.-Z. ; Soong, R. ; Lee, S.-C. 
21-Sep-2002Explaining interindividual variability of docetaxel pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in Asians through phenotyping and genotyping strategiesGoh, B.-C.; Lee, S.-C. ; Wang, L.-Z. ; Fan, L.; Guo, J.-Y. ; Lamba, J.; Schuetz, E.; Lim, R.; Lim, H.-L.; Ong, A.-B.; Lee, H.-S.
32009Lack of somatic mutations in VEGFR-2 tyrosine kinase domain in hepatocellular carcinomaChuah, B.Y.S.; Yeo, W.-L. ; Guo, J.Y. ; Lim, S.-G.; Yap, H.-L. ; Goh, B.-C.; Lee, S.-C. 
4Nov-2009Post-treatment tumor gene expression signatures are more predictive of treatment outcomes than baseline signatures in breast cancerLee, S.-C. ; Xu, X. ; Chng, W.-J.; Watson, M.; Lim, Y.-W.; Wong, C.-I.; Iau, P.; Sukri, N.; Lim, S.-E.; Yap, H.-L. ; Buhari, S.A.; Tan, P.; Guo, J. ; Chuah, B.; McLeod, H.L.; Goh, B.-C.
5Apr-2008PXR, CAR and HNF4α genotypes and their association with pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of docetaxel and doxorubicin in Asian patientsHor, S.Y.; Lee, S.C. ; Wong, C.I.; Lim, Y.W.; Lim, R.C.; Wang, L.Z. ; Fan, L.; Guo, J.Y. ; Lee, H.S.; Goh, B.C.; Tan, T. 
6Jun-2009Recurring MLH1 deleterious mutations in unrelated Chinese Lynch syndrome families in SingaporeYap, H.-L. ; Chieng, W.-S.; Lim, J.R.-C.; Lim, R.S.-C.; Soo, R. ; Guo, J. ; Lee, S.-C.