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Siong-Chuan, Samuel Chong
Chong S.S.
Chong, S.
Chong, S.S.
Chong, S.S.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A functional polymorphism within the MRP1 gene locus identified through its genomic signature of positive selectionWang, Z.; Tang, K.; Lee, C.G.L. ; Lee, E.J.D. ; Chong, S.S. ; Wang, B.
2Jun-2010A genome-wide association study of cleft lip with and without cleft palate identifies risk variants near MAFB and ABCA4Beaty, T.H.; Murray, J.C.; Marazita, M.L.; Munger, R.G.; Ruczinski, I.; Hetmanski, J.B.; Liang, K.Y.; Wu, T.; Murray, T.; Fallin, M.D.; Redett, R.A.; Raymond, G.; Schwender, H.; Jin, S.-C.; Cooper, M.E.; Dunnwald, M.; Mansilla, M.A.; Leslie, E.; Bullard, S.; Lidral, A.C.; Moreno, L.M.; Menezes, R.; Vieira, A.R.; Petrin, A.; Wilcox, A.J.; Lie, R.T.; Jabs, E.W.; Wu-Chou, Y.H.; Chen, P.K.; Wang, H.; Ye, X.; Huang, S.; Yeow, V.; Chong, S.S. ; Jee, S.H.; Shi, B.; Christensen, K.; Melbye, M.; Doheny, K.F.; Pugh, E.W.; Ling, H.; Castilla, E.E.; Czeizel, A.E.; Ma, L.; Field, L.L.; Brody, L.; Pangilinan, F.; Mills, J.L.; Molloy, A.M.; Kirke, P.N.; Scott, J.M.; Arcos-Burgos, M.; Scott, A.F.
31-Sep-2021A Novel Indel in the Alpha Globin 2 (HBA2) Gene Resulting in False Positive --alpha(3.7) on Multiplex gap-PCR AssayPoon, Kok-Siong; Su, Lin Lin; Chong, Samuel S ; Tan, Karen Mei-Ling 
42018A single common assay for robust and rapid fragile X mental retardation syndrome screening from dried blood spotsTan, V.J.; Lian, M. ; Faradz, S.M.H.; Winarni, T.I..; Chong, S.S. 
52006Analysis of candidate genes on chromosome 2 in oral cleft case-parent trios from three populationsBeaty, T.H.; Hetmanski, J.B.; Fallin, M.D.; Park, J.W.; Sull, J.W.; Liang, K.Y.; McIntosh, I.; Boyadjiev, S.A.; Jabs, E.W.; Ingersoll, R.; Scott, A.F.; VanderKolk, C.A.; Redett, R.J.; Chong, S.S. ; Cheah, F.S.H.; Wu-Chou, Y.H.; Chen, P.K.; Chiu, Y.F.; Yeow, V.; Ng, I.S.L.; Cheng, J.; Huang, S.; Ye, X.; Wang, H.
66-Dec-2004Analysis of MDR1 haplotypes in Parkinson's disease in a white populationTan, E.-K.; Drozdzik, M.; Bialecka, M.; Honczarenko, K.; Klodowska-Duda, G.; Teo, Y.Y.; Tang, K.; Wong, L.-P.; Chong, S.S. ; Tan, C.; Yew, K.; Zhao, Y.; Lee, C.G.L. 
72018Architecture of polymorphisms in the human genome reveals functionally important and positively selected variants in immune response and drug transporter genesJin, Y ; Wang, J ; Bachtiar, M ; Chong, S.S ; Lee, C.G.L 
82019Architecture of population-differentiated polymorphisms in the human genomeBachtiar, M. ; Jin, Y.; Wang, J. ; Tan, T.W. ; Chong, S.S. ; Ban, K.H.K. ; Lee, C.G.L. 
92012Bmp4 was associated with nscl/p in an asian populationChen Q.; Wang H.; Hetmanski J.B.; Zhang T.; Ruczinski I.; Schwender H.; Liang K.Y.; Fallin M.D.; Redett R.J.; Raymond G.V.; Chou Y.-H.; ChenPhilip K.-T.; Yeow V.; Chong S.S. ; Cheah F.S.H. ; Jabs E.W.; Scott A.F.; Beaty T.H.
102015Cascade screening for fragile X syndrome/CGG repeat expansions in children attending special education in Sri LankaChandrasekara C.H.W.M.R.B.; Wijesundera W.S.S.; Perera H.N.; Chong S.S. ; Rajan-Babu I.-S.
112019Circulating microRNAs as Potential Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers in Hepatocellular CarcinomaJin, Y.; Wong, Y.S.; Goh, B.K.P.; Chan, C.Y.; Cheow, P.C.; Chow, P.K.H. ; Lim, T.K.H.; Goh, G.B.B.; Krishnamoorthy, T.L.; Kumar, R. ; Ng, T.P. ; Chong, S.S. ; Tan, H.H.; Chung, A.Y.F.; Ooi, L.L.P.J. ; Chang, J.P.E.; Tan, C.K.; Lee, C.G.L. 
12Dec-2006Clinical report: A case of Williams syndrome and Klinefelter syndromeLe, Y.L.; Swee, C.Q. ; Chong, S.S. ; Tan, A.S.C.; Lum, J.M.S.; Goh, D.L.-M. 
131-Jun-2021Clinicopathological-Associated Regulatory Network of Deregulated circRNAs in Hepatocellular CarcinomaHan, Jian ; Thurnherr, Thomas; Chung, Alexander YF ; Goh, Brian KP ; Chow, Pierce KH ; Chan, Chung Yip ; Cheow, Peng Chung ; Lee, Ser Yee ; Lim, Tony KH; Chong, Samuel S ; Ooi, London LPJ ; Lee, Caroline G 
142019Comprehensive analysis of transcriptome profiles in hepatocellular carcinomaJin, Y. ; Lee, W.Y.; Toh, S.T. ; Tennakoon, C.; Toh, H.C.; Chow, P.K.-H. ; Chung, A.Y.-F. ; Chong, S.S. ; Ooi, L.L.-P.-J. ; Sung, W.-K. ; Lee, C.G.-L. 
151-Jul-2019Comprehensive molecular characterization of the transcriptome of HCC patientsLee, CG ; Lee, W; Yu, J; Toh, S ; Tennakoon, C; Toh, H; Chow, P ; Chung, A ; Ooi, LLPJ ; Chong, SS ; Sung, K
161-Sep-2016Defining the Performance Parameters of a Rapid Screening Tool for FMR1 CGG-Repeat Expansions Based on Direct Triplet-Primed PCR and Melt Curve AnalysisRajan-Babu, Indhu-Shree; Lian, Mulias ; Tran, Anh H; Dang, Truong T; Le, Huong T-M; Thanh, Minh N; Lee, Caroline G ; Chong, Samuel S 
171-Nov-2016Defining the performance parameters of a rapid screening tool for myotonic dystrophy type 1 based on triplet-primed PCR and melt curve analysisLian, Mulias ; Law, Hai-Yang ; Lee, Caroline G ; Chong, Samuel S 
182009Detection and discrimination between deletional and non-deletional prader-willi and angelman syndromes by methylation-specific pcr and quantitative melting curve analysisWang, W.; Chong, S.S. ; Law, H.-Y.
192006Determining the cause of patchwork HBA1 and HBA2 genes: Recurrent gene conversion or crossing over fixation eventsLaw, H.-Y.; Ng, I.S.L.; Luo, H.-Y.; Steinberg, M.H.; Chui, D.H.K.; Wang, W. ; Ho, J.F.V.; Chong, S.S. ; Najmabadi, H.
20Mar-2005Effect of MDR1 haplotype on risk of Parkinson diseaseTan, E.-K.; Chan, D.K.-Y.; Ng, P.-W.; Woo, J.; Teo, Y.Y.; Tang, K.; Wong, L.-P.; Chong, S.S. ; Tan, C.; Shen, H.; Zhao, Y.; Lee, C.G.L.