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Liang Mui Yee Rosa Cynthia
Liang, C.R.M.Y.
Liang, R.C.M.Y.
Liang, C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120122D DIGE analysis of serum after fractionation by proteominer™ beadsLiang, C. ; Tan, G.S. ; Chung, M.C.M.
211-May-2001An integrated approach in the discovery and characterization of a novel nuclear protein over-expressed in liver and pancreatic tumorsChoong, M.L. ; Tan, L.K. ; Lo, S.L. ; Ren, E.-C. ; Ou, K. ; Ong, S.-E.; Liang, R.C.M.Y. ; Seow, T.K. ; Chung, M.C.M. 
32007Gastrointestinal fluids proteomicsTan, S. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Liang, C.R.M.Y. ; Hew, C.L. ; Yeoh, K.G. ; So, J. 
42007Gastrointestinal fluids proteomicsTan, S.; Chung, M.C.M. ; Liang, C.R.M.Y. ; Hew, C.L.; Yeoh, K.G. ; So, J. 
52002Proteome analysis of butyrate-treated human colon cancer cells (HT-29)Tan, S. ; Koh, S.; Hooi, S.C. ; Seow, T.K. ; Liang, R.C.M.Y. ; Lee, C.P.C.; Chung, M.C.M. 
6May-2005Proteome analysis of human hepatocellular carcinoma tissues by two-dimensional difference gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometryLiang, C.R.M.Y. ; Leow, C.K.; Neo, J.C.H. ; Tan, G.S. ; Lo, S.L. ; Lim, J.W.E.; Seow, T.K. ; Lai, P.B.S.; Chung, M.C.M.
7Nov-2010Proteomic analysis of human gastric juice: A shotgun approachLiang, C.R.M.Y. ; Tan, S. ; Tan, H.T. ; Lin, Q. ; Lim, T.K. ; Liu, Y. ; Yeoh, K.G.; So, J.; Chung, M.C.M.
82001Proteomic investigation of metabolic shift in mammalian cell cultureSeow, T.K. ; Korke, R.; Liang, R.C.M.Y. ; Ong, S.-E.; Ou, K. ; Wong, K. ; Hu, W.-S.; Chung, M.C.M.
9Apr-2012S100A9, GIF and AAT as potential combinatorial biomarkers in gastric cancer diagnosis and prognosisWu, W.; Juan, W.C.; Liang, C.R.M.Y. ; Yeoh, K.G.; So, J.; Chung, M.M.