Full Name
Ee Chee Ren
Vernacular Name
Ren, E.G.
Chee, R.E.
Ren, E.-C.
Ren, E.C.
Ren, E.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11993A monoclonal antibody with specificity to the HLA-DR1 and -DR51 antigensLoh, M.T.; Chan, S.H. ; Ren, E.C. 
21993A new DR11 allele in Singaporean ChineseLin, Y.N. ; Ren, E.C. ; Chan, S.H. 
32005A population-based LD map of the human chromosome 6pYu, H.X. ; Chia, J.-M. ; Chan, S.H. ; Ren, E.C. ; Bourque, G. ; Wong, M.V. 
41999A special report: Histocompatibility testing guidelines for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation using volunteer donorsHurley, C.K.; Wade, J.A.; Oudshoorn, M.; Middleton, D.; Kukuruga, D.; Navarrete, C.; Christiansen, F.; Hegland, J.; Ren, E.-C. ; Andersen, I.; Cleaver, S.A.; Brautbar, C.; Raffoux, C.
518-Sep-2009Ablation of phosphoinositide-3-kinase class II alpha suppresses hepatoma cell proliferationNg, S.K.L.; Neo, S.-Y.; Yap, Y.-W.; Karuturi, R.K.M.; Loh, E.S.L.; Liau, K.-H.; Ren, E.-C. 
611-May-2001An integrated approach in the discovery and characterization of a novel nuclear protein over-expressed in liver and pancreatic tumorsChoong, M.L. ; Tan, L.K. ; Lo, S.L. ; Ren, E.-C. ; Ou, K. ; Ong, S.-E.; Liang, R.C.M.Y. ; Seow, T.K. ; Chung, M.C.M. 
72001Antibody response to Epstein-Barr virus Rta protein in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma a new serologic parameter for diagnosisFeng, P. ; Chan, S.H. ; Soo, M.Y.R.; Ren, E.C. ; Hu, A. ; Liu, D.; Guan, M.
82008Asian population frequencies and haplotype distribution of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) genes among Chinese, Malay, and Indian in SingaporeLee, Y.C. ; Chan, S.H. ; Ren, E.C. 
91997Association between microsatellites within the human MHC and nasopharyngeal carcinomaOoi, E.E. ; Ren, E.C. ; Chan, S.H. 
102003Associations of HLA microsatellites with rheumatoid arthritis in Singaporean ChineseYu, H.X. ; Ren, E.C. ; Chan, S.H. 
1124-Sep-2023cccDNA-Targeted Drug Screen Reveals a Class of Antihistamines as Suppressors of HBV Genome LevelsRen, Ee Chee ; Zhuo, Nicole Ziyi; Goh, Zhi Yi ; Bonne, Isabelle ; Malleret, Benoit ; Ko, Hui Ling
121991Cellular and molecular approaches to developing human monoclonal antibodies as drugsRen, E.C. 
1324-May-2003Comparative full-length genome sequence analysis of 14 SARS coronavirus isolates and common mutations associated with putative origins of infectionRuan, Y. ; Wei, C.L. ; Ee, L.A.; Vega, V.B. ; Thoreau, H. ; Yun, S.T.S.; Chia, J.-M. ; Ng, P. ; Chiu, K.P. ; Lim, L. ; Tao, Z. ; Peng, C.K.; Ean, L.O.L.; Lee, N.M. ; Sin, L.Y.; Ng, L.F.P. ; Ren, E.C. ; Stanton, Lawrence Walter ; Long, P.M. ; Liu, E.T. 
142003Compression of functional space in HLA-A sequence diversityZhao, B.; Sakharkar, M.K. ; Kangueane, P.; Png, A.E.H.; Ren, E.C. ; Kolatkar, P.R. ; Mathura, V.S.
152019Crystal structure of suboptimal viral fragments of Epstein Barr Virus Rta peptide-HLA complex that stimulate CD8 T cell responseHuan, X. ; Zhuo, Z.; Xiao, Z. ; Ren, E.C. 
162008Cyr61/CCN1 is a tumor suppressor in human hepatocellular carcinoma and involved in DNA damage responseFeng, P.; Ren, E.C. ; Wang, B.
17Jan-2004Detection of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus in Blood of Infected PatientsNg, L.F.P. ; Wong, M.; Koh, S.; Ooi, E.-E. ; Tang, K.-F.; Leong, H.-N.; Ling, A.-E.; Agathe, L.V. ; Tan, J. ; Liu, E.T. ; Ren, E.-C. ; Ng, L.-C.; Hibberd, M.L. 
18Jan-2004Detection of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus in Blood of Infected PatientsNg, L.F.P. ; Wong, M.; Koh, S.; Ooi, E.-E.; Tang, K.-F.; Leong, H.-N.; Ling, A.-E.; Agathe, L.V.; Tan, J. ; Liu, E.T. ; Ren, E.-C. ; Ng, L.-C.; Hibberd, M.L. 
192017Dual non-contiguous peptide occupancy of HLA class i evoke antiviral human CD8 T cell response and form neo-epitopes with self-antigens /631/250/21/324/1509 /631/326/596/1553 /13/31 /13/106 /13/109 /145 /82/83 articleXiao, Z; Ye, Z; Tadwal, V.S; Shen, M; Ren, E.C 
2016-Nov-2022Efficient recall of SARS-CoV-2 variant-reactive B cells and T responses in the elderly upon heterologous mRNA vaccines as boostersRouers, Angeline; Wong, Nathan; Goh, Yun Shan; Torres-Ruesta, Anthony; Tay, Matthew Zirui; Chang, Zi Wei; Fong, Siew-Wai ; Neo, Vanessa; Kam, Isaac Kai Jie; Yeo, Nicholas Kim-Wah; Huang, Yuling; Loh, Chiew Yee; Hor, Pei Xiang; Wong, Joel Xu En; Tan, Yong Jie; Macary, Paul A ; Qian, Xinlei; Wang Bei ; Ngoh, Eve Zi Xian; Salleh, Siti Nazihah Mohd; Wang, Cheng-; Poh, Xuan Ying; Rao, Suma; Chia, Po Ying; Ong, Sean WX; Lee, Tau Hong; Lin, Ray JH; Lim, Clarissa ; Teo, Jefanie; Ren, Ee Chee ; Lye, David Chien ; Young, Barnaby E; Ng, Lisa FP ; Renia, Laurent