Full Name
Ng Mah Lee
(not current staff)
Ng, Mah Lee
Ng, M.M.-L.
Lee, N.M.
Ng, M. L.
Ng, M.M.L.
Ng, M.-L.
Ng, Mahlee
Ng Mah Lee, M.
Mah-Lee, N.
Mah Lee Ng
Ng, M.M.
Tan, T.T.T.
Ng, M.
Lee Ng, M.
Ng, M.L.
Main Affiliation

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11999A different mode of entry by dengue-2 neutralisation escape mutant virusLim, H.Y.; Ng, M.L. 
22010A flavivirus signal peptide balances the catalytic activity of two proteases and thereby facilitates virus morphogenesisLobigs, M.; Lee, E.; Pavy, M.; Lobigs, P.; Ng, M.L. 
32004A nano-view of West Nile virus-induced cellular changes during infectionLee, J.W.M.; Ng, M.-L. 
42004A systemic iridoviral disease in mullet, Mugil cephalus L., and tiger grouper, Epinephelus fuscoguttatus Forsskal: A first report and studyGibson-Kueh, S.; Ngoh-Lim, G.H.; Netto, P.; Kurita, J.; Nakajima, K.; Ng, M.L. 
51-Nov-2003Actin filaments participate in West Nile (Sarafend) virus maturation processChu, JJH ; Choo, BGH; Lee, JWM; Ng, ML 
62000Alteration of virus entry mode: A neutralisation mechanism for dengue-2 virusSe-Thoe, S.Y.; Ling, A.E.; Ng, M.M.L. 
71989An in vivo study of the effect of the immunosuppressant drug cyclosporin in malaria-infected miceSomasundaram, C.; Ng, M.L. ; Sinniah, R. 
82005Analysis of self-association of West Nile virus capsid protein and the crucial role played by Trp 69 in homodimerizationBhuvanakantham, R. ; Ng, M.-L. 
95-Jun-2006Analysis of the endocytic pathway mediating the infectious entry of mosquito-borne flavivirus West Nile into Aedes albopictus mosquito (C6/36) cellsChu, JJH ; Leong, PWH; Ng, ML 
101-Jan-2010Antiviral immunotherapy for mosquito-borne flaviviruses: A review of current statusChen, JC; Chia, PY; Ng, MML ; Chu, JJH 
111990Association of Sindbis virus proteins with Vero cell cytoskeletonNg, M.L. ; Loy, P.; Oei, C. 
12Aug-2005Bio-imaging the entry process of an emerging pathogenic virus: The West Nile virusChu, J.J.H.; Lee, J.W.M.; Ng, M.L. 
131993Brefeldin A affects West Nile virus replication in Vero cells but not C6/36 cellsSreenivasan, V.; Ng, K.L.; Ng, M.L. 
141-Aug-2003Characterization of a 105-kDa plasma membrane associated glycoprotein that is involved in West Nile virus binding and infectionChu, JJH ; Ng, ML 
151-Sep-2005Characterization of plasma membrane-associated proteins from Aedes albopictus mosquito (C6/36) cells that mediate West Nile virus binding and infectionChu, JJH ; Leong, PWH; Ng, ML 
162013Comparative analysis of the genome sequences and replication profiles of chikungunya virus isolates within the East, Central and South African (ECSA) lineageChen K.C.; Kam Y.-W.; Lin R.T.P. ; Ng M.M.-L. ; Ng L.F. ; Chu J.J.H. 
1724-May-2003Comparative full-length genome sequence analysis of 14 SARS coronavirus isolates and common mutations associated with putative origins of infectionRuan, Y. ; Wei, C.L. ; Ee, L.A.; Vega, V.B. ; Thoreau, H. ; Yun, S.T.S.; Chia, J.-M. ; Ng, P. ; Chiu, K.P. ; Lim, L. ; Tao, Z. ; Peng, C.K.; Ean, L.O.L.; Lee, N.M. ; Sin, L.Y.; Ng, L.F.P. ; Ren, E.C. ; Stanton, Lawrence Walter ; Long, P.M. ; Liu, E.T. 
182005Comparison of different test models for the assessment of cytotoxicity of composite resinsCao, T. ; Saw, T.Y.; Heng, B.C. ; Liu, H. ; Yap, A.U.J. ; Ng, M.L. 
191997Composition and accumulation of secondary carotenoids in Chlorococcum sp.Zhang, D.H.; Lee, Y.K. ; Ng, M.L. ; Phang, S.M.
201994Cryosubstitution technique reveals new morphology of flavivirus-induced structuresNg, M.L. ; Yeong, F.M.; Tan, S.H.