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Heng Boon Chin,Alexis
(not current staff)
Heng, B.C.
Chin, A.H.B.
Heng, B.-C.
Boon, C.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A proposed design for the cryopreservation of intact and adherent human embryonic stem cell coloniesHeng, B.C. ; Bested, S.M.; Chan, S.H.; Cao, T. 
22006Aberrant profile of gene expression in cloned mouse embryos derived from donor cumulus nucleiTong, G.Q.; Heng, B.C. ; Tan, L.G.; Ng, S.C.
32006Advanced maternal age as an indication for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) - The need for more judicious application in clinically assisted reproductionHeng, B.C. 
42006Advances in oocyte cryopreservation technology will eventually blur the ethical and moral boundaries between compensated egg sharing and commercialized oocyte donationHeng, B.C. 
52006Alternative solutions to the current situation of oocyte donation in SingaporeHeng, B.C. 
6Mar-2004An overview and synopsis of techniques for directing stem cell differentiation in vitroHeng, B.C. ; Cao, T. ; Haider, H.K. ; Wang, D.Z.M.; Sim, E.K.-W.; Ng, S.C.
72004Can RNA interference be used to expand the plasticity of autologous adult stem cells?Boon, C.H. ; Cao, T. 
82007Can the difference in medical fees for self and donor freeze-thaw embryo transfer cycle, be in fact a cover-up for the sale of donated human embryos?Heng, B.C. 
92005Can the high nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio of human embryonic stem cells make them more vulnerable to physical stress encountered with bulk-passage protocols? [6]Heng, B.C. ; Liu, H. ; Cao, T. 
102006Can the therapeutic advantages of allogenic umbilical cord blood-derived stem cells and autologous bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells be combined and synergized?Heng, B.C. ; Phan, T.T. ; Liu, H. ; Ouyang, H.W. ; Cao, T. 
11Oct-2007Caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK enhances the freeze-thaw survival rate of human embryonic stem cellsHeng, B.C. ; Clement, M.V. ; Cao, T. 
122005Co-transplantation of autologous adult stem cells together with differentiated derivatives of human embryonic stem cells. A novel strategy to enhance the efficacy of autologous cell-transplantation therapy? [2]Heng, B.C. ; Cao, T. 
132005Combined effects of TGFβ1 and BMP2 in serum-free chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells induced hyaline-like cartilage formationToh, W.S. ; Liu, H. ; Heng, B.C. ; Rufaihah, A.J. ; Ye, C.P.; Cao, T. 
142005Combining RNA interference with PTD-fusion transcription factors: A novel integrated strategy for achieving trans-differentiation of adult stem cells? [2]Cao, T. ; Liu, H. ; Heng, B.C. 
152005Combining transfusion of stem/progenitor cells into the peripheral circulation with localized transplantation in situ at the site of tissue/organ damage: A possible strategy to optimize the efficacy of stem cell transplantation therapyBoon, C.H. ; Haider, H.K.; Cao, T. 
162005Commentary: Intracellular antibodies (intrabodies) versus RNA interference for therapeutic applicationsCao, T. ; Heng, B.C. 
172005Comparison of different test models for the assessment of cytotoxicity of composite resinsCao, T. ; Saw, T.Y.; Heng, B.C. ; Liu, H. ; Yap, A.U.J. ; Ng, M.L. 
182008Comparison of osteogenesis of human embryonic stem cells within 2D and 3D culture systemsTian, X.-F.; Heng, B.-C. ; Ge, Z. ; Lu, K.; Rufaihah, A.J. ; Fan, V.T.-W. ; Yeo, J.-F. ; Cao, T. 
191-Aug-2009Comparison of the response of human embryonic stem cells and their differentiated progenies to oxidative stressGeorge, S.; Heng, B.C. ; Vinoth, K.J. ; Kishen, A. ; Cao, T. 
202005Could the transit-amplifying stage of stem cell differentiation be the most suited for transplantation purposes? [3]Heng, B.C. ; Cao, T.