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Sinniah Rajalingam
Rajalingam, S.
Sinniah, R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11993Adaptive window-based tracking for the detection of membrane structures in kidney electron micrographsOng, S.H. ; Giam, S.T.; Jayasooriah ; Sinniah, R. 
21991An in situ cytomegalovirus DNA hybridisation study in IgA nephritis [17]Dodd, S.; Khan, T.N. ; Sinniah, R. 
31993An in situ hybridization study of herpes simplex and Epstein Barr viruses in IgA nephropathy and non-immune glomerulonephritisSinniah, R. ; Khan, T.N. ; Dodd, S.
41989An in vivo study of the effect of the immunosuppressant drug cyclosporin in malaria-infected miceSomasundaram, C.; Ng, M.L. ; Sinniah, R. 
51981An unusual giant cell tumour of boneBose, K.; Sinniah, R. 
61989Animal model of margosa oil ingestion with Reye-like syndrome. Pathogenesis of microvesicular fatty liverSinniah, R. ; Sinniah, D.; Chia, L.-S.; Baskaran, G.
71989Bilateral compressive optic neuropathy secondary to bilateral sphenoethmoidal mucocelesNewton, Jr. N.; Baratham, G.; Sinniah, R. ; Lim, A.
81991Bilateral ureteric strictures secondary to candidiasisLye, W.C.; Lee, E.J.C. ; Tung, K.H. ; Sinniah, R. 
91990Case report: Spontaneous hematic cysts of the orbit presenting with acute proptosis: A report of three casesAmrith, S.; Baratham, G.; Chong, Y.K.; Cze, H.L.; Sinniah, R. 
101994Clump splitting through concavity analysisYeo, T.T.E.; Jin, X.C.; Ong, S.H.; Jayasooriah ; Sinniah, R. 
111996Congenital' trigger thumb caused by intratendinous granulation tissueChia, J. ; Pho, R.W.H. ; Sinniah, R. 
12Aug-2004Coupled induction of iNOS and p53 upregulation in renal resident cells may be linked with apoptotic activity in the pathogenesis of progressive IgA nephropathyQiu, L.-Q.; Hsu, S.I.-H. ; Sinniah, R. 
131992Decomposition of digital clumps into convex parts by contour tracing and labellingOng, S.H. ; Jayasooriah ; Yeow, H.H. ; Sinniah, R. 
14Jan-2004Downregulation of Bcl-2 by Podocytes Is Associated with Progressive Glomerular Injury and Clinical Indices of Poor Renal Prognosis in Human IgA NephropathyQiu, L.-Q.; Hsu, S.I.-H. ; Sinniah, R. 
151990Effect of dietary palm oil on lipoprotein lipases: Lipoprotein levels and tissue lipids in ratPereira, T.A.; Sinniah, R. ; Das, N.P. 
161983Effect of IgA deposits on the glomerular mesangium in Berger's diseaseSinniah, R. ; Churg, J.
171980Effect of intra-articular papain, acetylsalicylic acid, indomethacin, prostaglandin and alcohol on the articular cartilage of rabbit kneesChacha, P.B.; Karim, S.M.M.; Sinniah, R. ; Adaikan, P.G.
181999Expression of metallothionein and nuclear size in discrimination of malignancy in mucinous ovarian tumorsTan, Y.; Bay, B.-H. ; Singh, G. ; Sinniah, R. 
191982Frequency of IgA nephropathy in SingaporeSinniah, R. 
201982Frequency of IgA nephropathy in SingaporeSinniah, R.