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Pho,Robert W H
Pho, R.W.H.
Pho, R.W.
Pho, R.
Pho Robert W H
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11997A cadaver study on volume and surface area of the fingertipMurai, M. ; Lau, H.-K. ; Pereira, B.P. ; Pho, R.W.H. 
21991A composite neuro-tenocutaneous forearm flap in the one-stage reconstruction of a large defect of the soft tissue around the ankleCavanagh, S.; Pho, R.W.H. ; Kour, A.K. 
31988A gastrocnemius-pedicled femoral bone graft in resection arthrodesis at the kneePho, R.W.H. ; Patterson, M.H.; Satku, K. 
41995A preliminary report of tissue preservation with University of Wisconsin cold storage solution in major limb replantation.Kour, A.K. ; Phone, M.H.; Chia, J.; Pho, R.W. 
51994A rabbit muscle model for studying contraction characteristics of muscle with multiple motor pointsLiu, J.; Retnam, L.; Lau, H.-K. ; Pereira, B.P. ; Kumar, V.P. ; Pho, R.W.H. 
61997A technique of acrylic nail fixation in multilayered silicone finger prosthesesLeow, M.E.L. ; Ng, W.K.M.; Pereira, B.P. ; Pho, R.W.H. ; Kueh, K.A. 
71997Aesthetic Life-like Finger and Hand Prostheses: Prosthetic Prescription and Factors Influencing ChoicesLeow, M.E.L. ; Pereira, B.P. ; Kour, A.K. ; Pho, R.W.H. 
81988Anatomical basis of dorsal forearm flap. Based on posterior interosseous vesselsBayon, P.; Pho, R.W.H. 
92006Assessment of colour differences in silicone hand and digit prostheses: Perceptible and acceptable thresholds for fair and dark skin shadesLeow, M.E.L.; Lee, M.H.; Pho, R.W.H. ; Ow, R.K.K.; Huak, C.Y.
101999Atypical extraungual manifestation of a subungual glomus tumor [10]Lim, I.J. ; Pho, R.W.H. ; Tock, E.P.C. 
111990Authors' replyPho, R.W.H. ; Binns, M.
121995Autoclaved autograft bone combined with vascularized bone and bone marrowTaguchi, Y. ; Pereira, B.P. ; Kour, A.-K. ; Pho, R.W.H. ; Lee, Y.-S.
131996Benefits and use of digital prosthesesPereira, B.P. ; Kour, A.-K. ; Leow, E.-L. ; Pho, R.W.H. 
141992Biomechanical study on the load-bearing characteristics of the fibula and the effects of fibular resectionGoh, J.C.H. ; Eng, Hin Lee ; Eng, Joo Ang; Bayon, P.; Pho, R.W.H. 
151990Brachioradialis forearm flap in a case of traumatic bone and skin loss at the elbowBinns, M.; Kueh, K.A. ; Pho, R.W.H. 
161995Cadaveric study of the effect of transposition on the vascularity of the ulnar nerve at the elbowHai, L.B.; Poh, W.H.; Lai, T.C.; Pho, R.W.H. 
172005Central column reconstruction following total resection of a third metacarpal giant cell tumourLee, J.Y.L.; Pho, R.W.H. ; Yeo, D.S.C.
181992Cervical disc calcification in children: A long-term reviewWong, C.C.; Pereira, B. ; Eng, B.; Pho, R.W.H. 
191992Challenges in surgery.Pho, R.W. 
201995Clinical applications of functional electrical stimulation.Kumar, V.P. ; Lau, H.K. ; Liu, J.; Pereira, B.P. ; Pho, R.W.