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Kumar, V.P.
Prem Kumar, V.
Kumar, P.V.
Kumar, V.P.
Prem, Kumar V.
Prem Kumar Prem V.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A Prospective Study of Surgical Outcomes and Quality of Life in Severe Foot Trauma and Associated Compartment Syndrome After FasciotomyHan Fucai; Zubin J. Daruwalla; Shen Liang ; Prem Kumar Prem V. 
21994A rabbit muscle model for studying contraction characteristics of muscle with multiple motor pointsLiu, J.; Retnam, L.; Lau, H.-K. ; Pereira, B.P. ; Kumar, V.P. ; Pho, R.W.H. 
32007A turtle in the belly: HelminthomaTauro L.F.; Martis J.J.S.; Hegde B.R.; John S.K.; Kumar P. 
41994Arthroscopic retrieval of loose bodiesSatku, K. ; Kumar, V.P. 
5Sep-1996Arthroscopy of the kneeSatku, K. ; Kumar, V.P. ; Thiagarajan, P. 
6Nov-2005Bilateral gluteal compartment syndrome: A case reportDavid, V.; Thambiah, J.; Kagda, F.H.Y.; Kumar, V.P. 
72002Biomechanics of the shoulderKumar, V.P. 
8Feb-2007Case reports: The split flexor carpi ulnaris as a local muscle flapLingaraj, K.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Puhaindran, M.E.; Kumar, P.V. 
91995Clinical applications of functional electrical stimulation.Kumar, V.P. ; Lau, H.K. ; Liu, J.; Pereira, B.P. ; Pho, R.W. 
10Oct-1998Colles fracture from air bag deploymentOng, C.F.; Kumar, V.P. 
11Sep-1996Complications from the Gardner-Wells tongsChoo, J.H.N.; Liu, W.Y.; Kumar, V.P. 
121995Contractile characteristics on electrical stimulation of muscle with multiple motor points: An in vivo study in rabbitsLiu, J.; Lau, H.-K. ; Min, W.-X. ; Pereira, B.P. ; Kumar, V.P. ; Pho, R.W.H. 
132013Control strategies to re-establish glenohumeral stability after shoulder injuryRajaratnam B.S.; Goh J.C.H. ; Kumar P.V. 
145-Oct-2011Deep peroneal nerve entrapment by a spiral fibular fracture: A case reportHey, H.W.D.; Tan, T.C. ; Lahiri, A. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P. ; Kumar, P.V. ; Kagda, F.H.Y.; Lim, Y.T.A. 
151993Dermatitis complicating operatively induced anesthetic regions around the knee. A report of four casesSatku, K. ; Fong, P.H.; Kumar, V.P. ; Lee, Y.S.
16Jul-1997Distribution of primary motor nerve branches and terminal nerve entry points to the forearm musclesLiu, J. ; Pho, R.W.H. ; Pereira, B.P. ; Lau, H.-K. ; Kumar, V.P. 
171994Documenting rotation at the glenohumeral joint: A technical noteKumar, V.P. ; Satku, S.K. 
181996Elbow dislocation with ipsilateral radial shaft fracture: An unusual outcomeSoon, J.C.C.; Prem, Kumar V. ; Satkunanartham, K. 
19Sep-2002Extremity osteosarcoma - A Southeast Asian experienceChang, H.C.; Pho, R.W.H. ; Kumar, V.P. ; Kour, A.K. ; Satku, K. 
201995Fatigue reduction by sequential stimulation of multiple motor points in a muscleLau, H.-K. ; Liu, J.; Pereira, B.P. ; Kumar, V.P. ; Pho, R.W.H.