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Yu Tang, Aymeric Lim
Lim, A.Y.-T.
Yu-Tang Lim, A.
Lim, A.Y.
Lim, A.
Lim, A.Y.T.
Lim, Y.T.A.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2010A clinically feasible method of surface marking for the superficial palmar arch based on correlation of size-matched angiograms to fixed landmarks in the handGhee, C.K.; Lahiri, A.; Lim, A.Y.T. 
2Apr-2008Absence of flexor digitorum superficialis tendon in the little finger is not associated with decreased grip strengthPuhaindran, M.E.; Sebastin, S.J.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Xu, W.X.; Chen, Y.M.
3Feb-2012An analysis of the pull-out strength of 6 suture loop configurations in flexor tendonsKarjalainen, T.; He, M.; Chong, A.K.S.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Ryhanen, J.
4Feb-2007Case reports: The split flexor carpi ulnaris as a local muscle flapLingaraj, K.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Puhaindran, M.E.; Kumar, P.V. 
5Apr-2006Clinical assessment of absence of the palmaris longus and its association with other anatomical anomalies - A Chinese population studySebastin, S.J.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Wong, H.-B.
6Apr-2006Common bacterial infections of the handChong, A.K.S.; Puhaindran, M.E.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Looi, K.P.
7Jun-2012Comparison of the holding capacity of round monofilament, round multifilament, and flat multifilament nitinol suture loops in human cadaveric flexor tendonKarjalainen, T.; He, M.; Chong, A.K.S.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Göransson, H.; Ryhänen, J.
85-Oct-2011Deep peroneal nerve entrapment by a spiral fibular fracture: A case reportHey, H.W.D.; Tan, T.C. ; Lahiri, A. ; Wilder-Smith, E.P. ; Kumar, P.V. ; Kagda, F.H.Y.; Lim, Y.T.A. 
912-Aug-2020Delivering Values-based Education through Experiential Learning in a Residency Outdoor Orientation Camp: A Mixed-Method Study in SingaporeSEO WOON LI ; SHIRLEY OOI BENG SUAT ; LIM YU TANG,AYMERIC ; SIM HENG JOO JOE 
102007Desmoid tumour following a distal radius fracture - a complication or a coincidence?Tsai, L.H.C.; Thamboo, T.P. ; Lim, A.Y.T. 
11Aug-2005Does the absence of the palmaris longus affect grip and pinch strength?Sebastin, S.J.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Bee, W.H.; Wong, T.C.M.; Methil, B.V.
12Jul-2020EMERGENCY HAND & RECONSTRUCTIVE MICROSURGERY IN THE COVID-19 POSITIVE PATIENTDe, Soumen Das; Chang Liang, Zhen; Eu-Jin Cheah, Andre ; Puhaindran, Mark Edward ; Lee, Ellen Yutan; Tang Lim, Aymeric Yu ; Sze Chong, Alphonsus Khin 
131-Sep-2020Functional Restoration Following Resection of Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour of the Median Nerve: A Case ReportChan CM; LIM YU TANG,AYMERIC ; MARK EDWARD PUHAINDRAN 
14Aug-2007Functional units within the latissimus dorsi muscle based on Sihler techniqueWong, M.T.C.; Lim, A.Y. ; Coninck, C.D.; Kumar, P.V.
152011High resolution ultrasonography in the diagnosis of ulnar nerve lesions with particular reference to post-traumatic lesions and sites outside the elbowNg, E.S.; Chan, Y.C.; Wilder-Smith, E. ; Vijayan, J.; Therimadasamy, A.K.; Tan, T.C. ; Lim, A. 
162017Impact of inpatient Care in Emergency Department on outcomes: a quasi-experimental cohort studyLateef, A ; Lee, S.H; Fisher, D.A ; Goh, W.-P; Han, H.F; Segara, U.C; Sim, T.B ; Mahadehvan, M; Goh, K.T; Cheah, N; Lim, A.Y ; Phan, P.H ; Merchant, R.A 
17Jan-2004Independent Function in a Split Flexor Carpi Radialis TransferLim, A.Y.T. ; Lahiri, A.; Pereira, B.P. ; Kumar, V.P. ; Tan, L.-L.
18Apr-2008Innervation of the face studied using modifications to Sihler's technique in a primate modelLee, S.J.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Lim, I.J. ; Lim, T.C. ; Pho, R.W.H. 
192008Innervation of the face studied using modifications to Sihler's technique in a primate modelLee, S.J.; Lim, A.Y.T. ; Lim, I.J. ; Lim, T.C. ; Pho, R.W.H. 
20Jan-2003Nerve anastomosis with glue: Comparative histologic study of fibrin and cyanoacrylate glueWieken, K.; Angioi-Duprez, K.; Lim, A. ; Marchal, L.; Merle, M.