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Thi Ngoc Quy Tran
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2022Angiotensin II type-2 receptor activation in alveolar macrophages mediates protection against cigarette smoke-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseMei, D; Liao, W ; Gan, PXL; Tran, QTN ; Chan, CCMY; Heng, CKM; Wong, WSF 
220-Dec-2022Calcaratarin D, a labdane diterpenoid, attenuates mouse asthma via modulating alveolar macrophage functionLiao, Wupeng ; Foo, Hazel Yu Ci ; Tran, Thi Ngoc Quy ; Chai, Christina Li Lin ; Wong, Wai Shiu Fred 
315-Feb-2022Discovery and development of labdane-oxindole hybrids as small-molecule inhibitors against chikungunya virus infectionTran, Quy Thi Ngoc ; Lee, Regina Ching Hua; Liu, Hon Jin; Ran, Danli; Low, Vincent Zhan Lin; To, Dong Quang; Chu, Justin Jang Hann ; Chai, Christina Li Lin 
41-Jan-2021From irreversible to reversible covalent inhibitors: Harnessing the andrographolide scaffold for anti-inflammatory action (vol 204, 112481, 2020)Tran, Quy TN ; Tan, WS Daniel ; Wong, WS Fred ; Chai, Christina LL 
51-Oct-2017Labdane diterpenoids as potential anti-inflammatory agentsTran, Quy TN ; Wong, WS Fred ; Chai, Christina LL 
625-Apr-2023Multifunctional Antibacterial Nanonets Attenuate Inflammatory Responses through Selective Trapping of Endotoxins and Pro-Inflammatory CytokinesTram, Nhan Dai Thien ; Tran, Quy Thi Ngoc ; Xu, Jian; Su, Jeannie Ching Ting; Liao, Wupeng ; Wong, Wai Shiu Fred ; Ee, Pui Lai Rachel 
71-Apr-2021Polypharmacology of andrographolide: beyond one molecule one targetTran, Quy TN ; Tan, WS Daniel ; Wong, WS Fred ; Chai, Christina LL 
815-Jul-2019The identification of naturally occurring labdane diterpenoid calcaratarin D as a potential anti-inflammatory agentTran, Quy TN ; Wong, WS Fred ; Chai, Christina LL