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12018Calcineurin B in CD4+ T Cells prevents autoimmune colitis by negatively regulating the JAK/STAT pathwayMencarelli, A ; Vacca, M ; Khameneh, H.J; Acerbi, E; Tay, A; Zolezzi, F; Poidinger, M ; Mortellaro, A 
22018Calcineurin-mediated IL-2 production by CD11chighMHCII+ myeloid cells is crucial for intestinal immune homeostasisMencarelli A. ; Khameneh H.J.; Fric J.; Vacca M.; El Daker S.; Janela B.; Tang J.P. ; Nabti S.; Balachander A.; Lim T.S.; Ginhoux F. ; Ricciardi-Castagnoli P.; Mortellaro A.
32012Discovery that theonellasterol a marine sponge sterol is a highly selective FXR antagonist that protects against liver injury in cholestasisRenga B.; Mencarelli A. ; D'Amore C.; Cipriani S.; D'Auria M.V.; Sepe V.; Chini M.G.; Monti M.C.; Bifulco G.; Zampella A.; Fiorucci S.
42016Highly specific blockade of CCR5 inhibits leukocyte trafficking and reduces mucosal inflammation in murine colitisMencarelli, A ; Cipriani, S; Francisci, D; Santucci, L; Baldelli, F; Distrutti, E; Fiorucci, S
52011Probiotics modulate intestinal expression of nuclear receptor and provide Counter-Regulatory signals to Inflammation-Driven adipose tissue activationMencarelli A. ; Distrutti E.; Renga B.; D'Amore C.; Cipriani S.; Palladino G.; Donini A.; Ricci P.; Fiorucci S.
62013Probiotics VSL#3 Protect against Development of Visceral Pain in Murine Model of Irritable Bowel SyndromeDistrutti E.; Cipriani S.; Mencarelli A. ; Renga B.; Fiorucci S.
72014Solomonsterol A, a marine pregnane-X-receptor agonist, attenuates inflammation and immune dysfunction in a mouse model of arthritisMencarelli, A ; D'Amore, C; Renga, B; Cipriani, S; Carino, A; Sepe, V; Perissutti, E; D'Auria, M.V; Zampella, A; Distrutti, E; Fiorucci, S
82011The bile acid receptor GPBAR-1 (TGR5) modulates integrity of intestinal barrier and immune response to experimental colitisCipriani S.; Mencarelli A. ; Chini M.G.; Distrutti E.; Renga B.; Bifulco G.; Baldelli F.; Donini A.; Fiorucci S.
92013The Bile Acid Sensor FXR Is Required for Immune-Regulatory Activities of TLR-9 in Intestinal InflammationRenga B.; Mencarelli A. ; Cipriani S.; D'Amore C.; Carino A.; Bruno A.; Francisci D.; Zampella A.; Distrutti E.; Fiorucci S.
102010The bile acid sensor FXR protects against dyslipidemia and aortic plaques development induced by the HIV protease inhibitor ritonavir in miceMencarelli A. ; Cipriani S.; Renga B.; Francisci D.; Palladino G.; Distrutti E.; Baldelli F.; Fiorucci S.
112012The HIV matrix protein p17 subverts nuclear receptors expression and induces a STAT1-dependent proinflammatory phenotype in monocytesRenga B.; Francisci D.; D'Amore C.; Schiaroli E.; Mencarelli A. ; Cipriani S.; Baldelli F.; Fiorucci S.
122019The inflammasome adaptor ASC intrinsically limits CD4+ T-cell proliferation to help maintain intestinal homeostasisKhameneh, H.J.; Leong, K.W.K.; Mencarelli, A. ; Vacca, M.; Mambwe, B.; Neo, K.; Tay, A.; Zolezzi, F.; Lee, B.; Mortellaro, A.
132012VSL#3 Resets Insulin Signaling and Protects against NASH and Atherosclerosis in a Model of Genetic Dyslipidemia and Intestinal InflammationMencarelli A. ; Cipriani S.; Renga B.; Bruno A.; D'Amore C.; Distrutti E.; Fiorucci S.