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111-Mar-2021Zymography for picogram detection of lipase and esterase activitiesNg, Andre Mong Jie ; Zhang, Hongfang; Giang Kien Truc Nguyen
2Jan-2011ZVAD-induced necroptosis in L929 cells depends on autocrine production of TNFα mediated by the PKC-MAPKs-AP-1 pathwayWu, Y.-T.; Tan, H.-L.; Huang, Q. ; Sun, X.-J.; Zhu, X.; Shen, H.-M. 
32009XBP-1-deficient plasmablasts show normal protein folding but altered glycosylation and lipid synthesisMcGehee, A.M.; Dougan, S.K.; Klemm, E.J.; Park, B.; Kim, Y.-M.; Watson, N.; Ploegh, H.L.; Hu, C.-C.A.; Shui, G. ; Wenk, M.R. 
42015Wounding of Arabidopsis halleri leaves enhances cadmium accumulation that acts as a defense against herbivoryPlaza, S; Weber, J; Pajonk, S; Thomas, J; Talke, I.N; Schellenberg, M; Pradervand, S; Burla, B ; Geisler, M; Martinoia, E; Krämer, U
517-Jun-2019Wireless body sensor networks based on metamaterial textilesXi Tian ; Pui Mun Lee ; Yu Jun Tan; Tina L. Y. Wu; Haicheng Yao; Mengying Zhang; Zhipeng Li; Kian Ann Ng ; Benjamin C. K. Tee ; John S. Ho
62016White matter degeneration in subjective cognitive decline: A diffusion tensor imaging studyLi, X.-Y; Tang, Z.-C; Sun, Y ; Tian, J; Liu, Z.-Y; Han, Y
72019What Are Spectral and Spatial Distributions of EEG-EMG Correlations in Overground Walking? An Exploratory StudyLi, J. ; Dimitrakopoulos, G.N. ; Thangavel, P. ; Chen, G. ; Sun, Y.; Guo, Z.; Yu, H. ; Thakor, N. ; Bezerianos, A. 
82014Voice activity detection from electrocorticographic signalsKanas, V.G.; Mporas, I.; Benz, H.L.; Huang, N.; Thakor, N.V. ; Sgarbas, K.; Bezerianos, A. ; Crone, N.E.
92015Virus-specific T lymphocytes home to the skin during natural dengue infectionRivino, Laura ; Kumaran, Emmanuelle A P; Thein, Tun Linn; Too, Chien Tei ; Gan, Victor; Hanson, Brendon John; Wilder-Smith, Annelies Smith; Bertoletti, Antonio ; Gascoigne, Nicholas R J ; Lye, David; Leo, Yee Sin ; Akbar, Arne Nalpon; Kemeny, David Michael ; MacAry, Paul Anthony 
1028-Aug-2019Virtual reality-based balance training system augmented with operant conditioning paradigmKumar, D ; Sinha, N; Dutta, A; Lahiri, U
111-Jan-2022Variability of the Plasma Lipidome and Subclinical Coronary AtherosclerosisTan, Sock Hwee ; Koh, Hiromi WL; Chua, Jing Yi; Burla, Bo ; Ong, Ching Ching ; Teo, Li San Lynette; Yang, Xiaoxun ; Benke, Peter I ; Choi, Hyungwon ; Torta, Federico; Richards, A Mark ; Wenk, Markus R ; Chan, Mark Y 
1211-Feb-2021Variability of lipids in human milkSelvalatchmanan, Jayashree ; Rukmini, A. V. ; Ji, Shanshan ; Triebl, Alexander ; Gao, Liang ; Bendt, Anne K. ; Wenk, Markus R. ; Gooley, Joshua J. ; Torta, Federico 
13Jun-2022Vagus nerve stimulation for treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy: a systematic review and meta-analysisRui, Lim Mervyn Jun ; Yung, Fong Khi; Zheng, Yilong; Kit, Chua Christopher Yuan; Miny, Samuel ; Lin, Jeremy Bingyuan ; Nga, Vincent Diong Weng ; Ong, Hian Tat ; Rathakrishnan, Rahul ; Yeo, Tseng Tsai
141-May-2022Utilizing distinct CAR and TCR signaling to generate enhanced cellular immunotherapyGascoigne, Nicholas RJ ; Wu, Ling ; Brzostek, Joanna ; Wei, Qianru ; Vale, Previtha Dawn Sakthi ; Koh, Clara KT ; Chua, Yen Long; Yap, Jiawei ; Tan, Triscilla YY; Lai, Junyun ; MacAry, Paul A 
1510-Jul-2020Unveiling Stimulation Secrets of Electrical Excitation of Neural Tissue Using a Circuit Probability TheoryWang, H; Wang, J ; Thow, XY ; Lee, S ; Peh, WYX ; Ng, KA ; He, T ; Thakor, NV ; Lee, C 
1614-Dec-2021Universal Fluorescence Light-Up Gram-Staining Technique for Living Bacterial DifferentiationLiu, X ; Qi, G ; Wu, M; Pan, Y ; Liu, B 
171-Dec-2018Unilateral Exoskeleton Imposes Significantly Different Hemispherical Effect in Parietooccipital Region, but Not in Other RegionsLi J. ; Thakor N. ; Bezerianos A. 
181-May-2022Understanding the user: Patients' perception, needs, and concerns of health apps for chronic constipationLee, V Vien ; Vijayakumar, Smrithi ; Lau, Ni Yin ; Blasiak, Agata ; Siah, Kewin Tien Ho; Ho, Dean
192010Understanding anterior cruciate ligament injury due to drop landing: Effects of different landing techniques and muscles' action at the knee jointMokhtarzadeh, H.; Yeow, C.H. ; Lee, P.V.S.; Goh, J.C.H. ; Oetomo, D.
204-Aug-2022Uncovering cryptic pockets in the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoproteinZuzic, Lorena; Samsudin, Firdaus; Shivgan, Aishwary T; Raghuvamsi, Palur V; Marzinek, Jan K ; Boags, Alister; Pedebos, Conrado; Tulsian, Nikhil K ; Warwicker, Jim; MacAry, Paul ; Crispin, Max; Khalid, Syma; Anand, Ganesh S ; Bond, Peter J