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119-Aug-2021A Motion Capturing and Energy Harvesting Hybridized Lower-Limb System for Rehabilitation and Sports ApplicationsGao, Shan; He, Tianyiyi ; Zhang, Zixuan ; Ao, Hongrui; Jiang, Hongyuan; Lee, Chengkuo 
21-May-2019A Motion-Balanced Sensor Based on the Triboelectricity of Nano-Iron Suspension and Flexible PolymerWang, Zhihua; Yang, Songyi; Miao, Shuang; Shi, Qiongfeng ; He, Tianyiyi ; Lee, Chengkuo 
310-Sep-2021AI enabled sign language recognition and VR space bidirectional communication using triboelectric smart gloveWen, Feng ; Zhang, Zixuan ; He, Tianyiyi ; Lee, Chengkuo 
41-Apr-2022Constructing highly tribopositive elastic yarn through interfacial design and assembly for efficient energy harvesting and human-interactive sensingBai, Z; He, T ; Zhang, Z ; Xu, Y; Zhang, Z; Shi, Q ; Yang, Y ; Zhou, B; Zhu, M; Guo, J; Lee, C 
514-Sep-2020Deep learning enabled smart mats as a scalable floor monitoring systemShi, Qiongfeng ; Zhang, Zixuan ; He, Tianyiyi ; Sun, Zhongda; Wang, Bingjie; Feng, Yuqin; Shan, Xuechuan; Salam, Budiman; Lee, Chengkuo 
626-Oct-2020Deep learning-enabled triboelectric smart socks for IoT-based gait analysis and VR applicationsZhang, Zixuan ; He, Tianyiyi ; Zhu, Minglu; Sun, Zhongda; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Zhu, Jianxiong ; Dong, Bowei ; Yuce, Mehmet Rasit; Lee, Chengkuo 
71-Jan-2020Development Trends and Perspectives of Future Sensors and MEMS/NEMSZhu, Jianxiong ; Liu, Xinmiao ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; He, Tianyiyi ; Sun, Zhongda; Guo, Xinge; Liu, Weixin ; Bin Sulaiman, Othman; Dong, Bowei ; Lee, Chengkuo 
822-Jan-2021Flourishing energy harvesters for future body sensor network: from single to multiple energy sourcesHe, T ; Guo, X; Lee, C 
91-May-2020Haptic-feedback smart glove as a creative human-machine interface (HMI) for virtual/augmented reality applicationsZhu, Minglu; Sun, Zhongda; Zhang, Zixuan ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; He, Tianyiyi ; Liu, Huicong; Chen, Tao; Lee, Chengkuo 
1017-Jul-2019Investigation of Low-Current Direct Stimulation for Rehabilitation Treatment Related to Muscle Function Loss Using Self-Powered TENG SystemWang, Jiahui ; Wang, Hao ; He, Tianyiyi ; He, Borong; Thakor, Nitish ; Lee, Chengkuo 
119-Jun-2020Machine Learning Glove Using Self-Powered Conductive Superhydrophobic Triboelectric Textile for Gesture Recognition in VR/AR ApplicationsWen, Feng; Sun, Zhongda; He, Tianyiyi ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Zhu, Minglu; Zhang, Zixuan ; Li, Lianhui; Zhang, Ting; Lee, Chengkuo 
122020Programmed-triboelectric nanogenerators - A multi-switch regulation methodology for energy manipulationWang, Hao ; Zhu, Jianxiong ; He, Tianyiyi ; Zhang, Zixuan ; Lee, Chengkuo 
132021Progress in micro/nano sensors and nanoenergy for future AIoT-based smart home applicationsHaroun, Ahmed Fouad ; Le, Xianhao ; Gao, Shan; Dong, Bowei ; He, Tianyiyi ; Zhang, Zixuan ; Wen, Feng; Xu, Syiu ; Lee, Chengkuo 
14Dec-2020Progress in TENG technology—A journey from energy harvesting to nanoenergy and nanosystemZhu, Jianxiong ; Zhu, Minglu; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Wen, Feng; Liu, Long ; Dong, Bowei ; Haroun, Ahmed ; Yang, Yanqin ; Vachon, Philippe ; Guo, Xinge; He, Tianyiyi ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1512-Jul-2020Progress in wearable electronics/photonics-Moving toward the era of artificial intelligence and internet of thingsShi, Qiongfeng ; Dong, Bowei ; He, Tianyiyi ; Sun, Zhongda; Zhu, Jianxiong ; Zhang, Zixuan ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1624-Oct-2019Self-Sustainable Wearable Textile Nano-Energy Nano-System (NENS) for Next-Generation Healthcare ApplicationsHe, Tianyiyi ; Wang, Hao ; Wang, Jiahui ; Tian, Xi ; Wen, Feng; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Ho, John S ; Lee, Chengkuo 
172020Smart materials for smart healthcare– moving from sensors and actuators to self-sustained nanoenergy nanosystemsArab Hassani, Faezeh ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Wen, Feng; He, Tianyiyi ; Haroun, Ahmed ; Yang, Yanqin ; Feng, Yuqin; Lee, Chengkuo 
1810-Jul-2020Unveiling Stimulation Secrets of Electrical Excitation of Neural Tissue Using a Circuit Probability TheoryWang, H; Wang, J ; Thow, XY ; Lee, S ; Peh, WYX ; Ng, KA ; He, T ; Thakor, NV ; Lee, C 
1919-Jun-2020Wearable Triboelectric/Aluminum Nitride Nano-Energy-Nano-System with Self-Sustainable Photonic Modulation and Continuous Force SensingDong, Bowei ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; He, Tianyiyi ; Zhu, Shiyang ; Zhang, Zixuan ; Sun, Zhongda; Ma, Yiming ; Kwong, Dim-Lee ; Lee, Chengkuo