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Title: Constructing highly tribopositive elastic yarn through interfacial design and assembly for efficient energy harvesting and human-interactive sensing
Authors: Bai, Z
He, T 
Zhang, Z 
Xu, Y
Zhang, Z
Shi, Q 
Yang, Y 
Zhou, B
Zhu, M
Guo, J
Lee, C 
Keywords: Tribopositive yarn
Dual charge transfer
Stretchable robustness
Interfacial design/assembly
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2022
Publisher: Elsevier BV
Citation: Bai, Z, He, T, Zhang, Z, Xu, Y, Zhang, Z, Shi, Q, Yang, Y, Zhou, B, Zhu, M, Guo, J, Lee, C (2022-04-01). Constructing highly tribopositive elastic yarn through interfacial design and assembly for efficient energy harvesting and human-interactive sensing. Nano Energy 94 : 106956-106956. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Fibers/yarns with superior triboelectrification and robust stretchability are considered indispensable building blocks for booming fiber-shaped wearable electronics. Here, a new class of highly tribopositive elastic yarn is developed through an interfacial design and assembly using polyethylene oxide/waterborne polyurethane/alliin composite as stretchable tribomaterial and polyethyleneimine/multiwalled carbon nanotubes/phytic acid polyionic nanomaterial as electrode. The contact triboelectrification and mechanical stretch behaviors of yarn are separately modulated by multiple functional groups coordination and hydrogen bond crosslinking/electrostatic interactions, realizing efficient charge transfer/accumulation capability and stretchable robustness. The optimized yarn TENG with single-electrode mode can deliver a high voltage of 137 V and power density of 2.25 mW/m by varying content of alliin and controlling the thickness of tribocomposite, which is superior to fiber-shaped TENGs reported thus far. Importantly, the device exhibits good electrical output stability and durability in multiple dynamic deformations or long-term service. The yarn can be easily integrated into the stretchable fabric for motion energy harvesting and can also be used as pressure/strain sensor to realize whole-body physiological signals detection and human-interactive sensing in virtual reality space. This work provides feasible proposal for the design of stretchable high-performance fiber TENGs and greatly promotes the advancement in wearable energy/sensing/interactive systems.
Source Title: Nano Energy
ISSN: 2211-2855
DOI: 10.1016/j.nanoen.2022.106956
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