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11-May-2019A Motion-Balanced Sensor Based on the Triboelectricity of Nano-Iron Suspension and Flexible PolymerWang, Zhihua; Yang, Songyi; Miao, Shuang; Shi, Qiongfeng ; He, Tianyiyi ; Lee, Chengkuo 
21-Oct-2020A novel hybridized blue energy harvester aiming at all-weather IoT applicationsLiu, Long ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Lee, Chengkuo 
32018A self-powered six-axis tactile sensor by using triboelectric mechanismChen T.; Shi Q. ; Yang Z.; Liu J.; Liu H.; Sun L.; Lee C. 
42019A two-degree-of-freedom cantilever-based vibration triboelectric nanogenerator for low-frequency and broadband operationTang, G.; Cheng, F.; Hu, X.; Huang, B.; Xu, B.; Li, Z.; Yan, X.; Yuan, D.; Wu, W.; Shi, Q. 
52017Broadband energy harvester using non-linear polymer spring and electromagnetic/triboelectric hybrid mechanismGupta R.K.; Shi Q. ; Dhakar L. ; Wang T. ; Heng C.H. ; Lee C. 
61-Apr-2022Constructing highly tribopositive elastic yarn through interfacial design and assembly for efficient energy harvesting and human-interactive sensingBai, Z; He, T ; Zhang, Z ; Xu, Y; Zhang, Z; Shi, Q ; Yang, Y ; Zhou, B; Zhu, M; Guo, J; Lee, C 
714-Sep-2020Deep learning enabled smart mats as a scalable floor monitoring systemShi, Qiongfeng ; Zhang, Zixuan ; He, Tianyiyi ; Sun, Zhongda; Wang, Bingjie; Feng, Yuqin; Shan, Xuechuan; Salam, Budiman; Lee, Chengkuo 
826-Oct-2020Deep learning-enabled triboelectric smart socks for IoT-based gait analysis and VR applicationsZhang, Zixuan ; He, Tianyiyi ; Zhu, Minglu; Sun, Zhongda; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Zhu, Jianxiong ; Dong, Bowei ; Yuce, Mehmet Rasit; Lee, Chengkuo 
92018Development of a highly sensitive humidity sensor based on a piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer array functionalized with graphene oxide thin filmSun, C; Shi, Q ; Yazici, M.S; Lee, C ; Liu, Y
102018Development of a thermoelectric and electromagnetic hybrid energy harvester from water flow in an irrigation systemLiu, H; Zhang, J; Shi, Q ; He, T; Chen, T; Sun, L; Dziuban, J.A; Lee, C 
111-Jan-2020Development Trends and Perspectives of Future Sensors and MEMS/NEMSZhu, Jianxiong ; Liu, Xinmiao ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; He, Tianyiyi ; Sun, Zhongda; Guo, Xinge; Liu, Weixin ; Bin Sulaiman, Othman; Dong, Bowei ; Lee, Chengkuo 
121-Mar-2019From flexible electronics technology in the era of IoT and artificial intelligence toward future implanted body sensor networksLee, Sanghoon ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Lee, Chengkuo 
131-May-2020Haptic-feedback smart glove as a creative human-machine interface (HMI) for virtual/augmented reality applicationsZhu, Minglu; Sun, Zhongda; Zhang, Zixuan ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; He, Tianyiyi ; Liu, Huicong; Chen, Tao; Lee, Chengkuo 
141-Jun-2020Inkjet 3D Printed MEMS Vibrational Electromagnetic Energy HarvesterKawa, Bartosz; Sliwa, Krzysztof; Lee, Vincent Ch ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Walczak, Rafal
152018Investigation of position sensing and energy harvesting of a flexible triboelectric touch padChen T.; Shi Q. ; Li K.; Yang Z.; Liu H.; Sun L.; Dziuban J.A.; Lee C. 
169-Jun-2020Machine Learning Glove Using Self-Powered Conductive Superhydrophobic Triboelectric Textile for Gesture Recognition in VR/AR ApplicationsWen, Feng; Sun, Zhongda; He, Tianyiyi ; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Zhu, Minglu; Zhang, Zixuan ; Li, Lianhui; Zhang, Ting; Lee, Chengkuo 
172016MEMS Based Broadband Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Energy Harvester (PUEH) for Enabling Self-Powered Implantable Biomedical DevicesShi Q. ; Wang T.; Lee C. 
18Dec-2020Progress in TENG technology—A journey from energy harvesting to nanoenergy and nanosystemZhu, Jianxiong ; Zhu, Minglu; Shi, Qiongfeng ; Wen, Feng; Liu, Long ; Dong, Bowei ; Haroun, Ahmed ; Yang, Yanqin ; Vachon, Philippe ; Guo, Xinge; He, Tianyiyi ; Lee, Chengkuo 
1912-Jul-2020Progress in wearable electronics/photonics-Moving toward the era of artificial intelligence and internet of thingsShi, Qiongfeng ; Dong, Bowei ; He, Tianyiyi ; Sun, Zhongda; Zhu, Jianxiong ; Zhang, Zixuan ; Lee, Chengkuo 
207-Aug-2019Self-Powered Bio-Inspired Spider-Net-Coding Interface Using Single-Electrode Triboelectric NanogeneratorShi, Qiongfeng ; Lee, Chengkuo