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Rahul Rathakrishnan
Rathakrishnan, R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012An Update on Promising Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interventions in EpilepsyLeonard LL Yeo ; Jonathan YY Ong; Benjamin R Wakerley; Rahul Rathakrishnan 
2Oct-2012Emerging fields in the diagnostic and treatment modalities of epilepsyLitt, L.Y.L. ; Sharma, V.K. ; Wakerley, B.; Bharatendu, C.; Rathakrishnan, R. 
3Sep-2006Response to letter regarding article, "External carotid artery-internal jugular vein fistula: A complication of internal jugular cannulation" [2]Sharma, V.K. ; Pereira, A.W.; Ong, B.K.C. ; Rathakrishnan, R. ; Chan, B.P.L.; Teoh, H.L.
4Oct-2011The clinico-radiological spectrum of isolated cortical vein thrombosisRathakrishnan, R. ; Sharma, V.K. ; Luen, T.H. ; Chan, B.P.L.
55-Nov-2010The use of vasopressors in Takotsubo cardiomyopathy: Impact on neurological practiceRathakrishnan, R. ; Lee, Y.-P.
6Sep-2008Ultrasound assisted thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke: Preliminary experience in SingaporeSharma, V.K. ; Rathakrishnan, R. ; Ong, B.K.C. ; Chan, B.P.L.
7Apr-2011Using continuous electroencephalography in the management of delayed cerebral ischemia following subarachnoid hemorrhageRathakrishnan, R. ; Gotman, J.; Dubeau, F.; Angle, M.
8Jun-2022Vagus nerve stimulation for treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy: a systematic review and meta-analysisRui, Lim Mervyn Jun ; Yung, Fong Khi; Zheng, Yilong; Kit, Chua Christopher Yuan; Miny, Samuel ; Lin, Jeremy Bingyuan ; Nga, Vincent Diong Weng ; Ong, Hian Tat ; Rathakrishnan, Rahul ; Yeo, Tseng Tsai
9May-2008Validation of transcranial doppler with CT angiography in cerebral ischaemia: A preliminary pilot study in SingaporeRathakrishnan, R. ; Berne, Y.I.; Quek, K.K.; Hong, C.S.; Ong, B.K.C. ; Chan, B.P.L.; Sharma, V.K.