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Rolf, Arnold Stangl


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11-Oct-2017A modeling framework for optimizing current density in four-terminal tandem solar cells: A case study on GaAs/Si tandemLIU ZHE ; REN ZEKUN ; LIU HAOHUI ; NASIM SAHRAEI KHANGHAH ; LIN FEN ; ROLF ARNOLD STANGL ; ABERLE,ARMIN GERHARD ; Buonassisi, T; IAN MARIUS PETERS 
221-Nov-2018A spatially smoothed device model for meso-structured perovskite solar cellsXue, H ; Birgersson, E ; Stangl, R 
31-Dec-2020Author Correction: Embedding physics domain knowledge into a Bayesian network enables layer-by-layer process innovation for photovoltaics (npj Computational Materials, (2020), 6, 1, (9), 10.1038/s41524-020-0277-x)Ren, Z ; Oviedo, F; Thway, M ; Tian, SIP; Wang, Y ; Xue, H ; Perea, JD; Layurova, M; Heumueller, T; Birgersson, E ; Aberle, AG ; Brabec, CJ; Stangl, R ; Li, Q ; Sun, S; Lin, F ; Peters, IM ; Buonassisi, T
41-Jan-2020Can interface charge enhance selectivity in tunnel layer passivated contacts? Using negatively charged aluminium oxide capped with dopant free PEDOT or boron doped polysiliconKaur, G; Dutta, T ; Sridharan, R ; Zheng, X ; Danner, A ; Stangl, R 
51-Mar-2019Correlating variability of modeling parameters with photovoltaic performance: Monte Carlo simulation of a meso-structured perovskite solar cellXue, H ; Birgersson, E ; Stangl, R 
661-Jan-2021Development of TOPCon tunnel-IBC solar cells with screen-printed fire-through contacts by laser patterningWang, P ; Sridharan, R ; Ng, XR; Ho, JW ; Stangl, R 
6728-Sep-2020Elucidating the functional form of the recombination losses in a planar perovskite solar cell: A scaling analysisXue, Hansong ; Stangl, Rolf ; Birgersson, Erik 
81-Dec-2020Engineering aluminum oxide/polysilicon hole selective passivated contacts for high efficiency solar cellsKaur, G; Xin, Z ; Sridharan, R ; Danner, A ; Stangl, R 
92019Highly Efficient Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells for Four Terminal Perovskite-Silicon TandemsDewi, HA; Wang, H; Li, J; Thway, M ; Sridharan, R ; Stangl, R ; Lin, F ; Aberle, AG ; Mathews, N; Bruno, A; Mhaisalkar, S
10Nov-2020Improved silicon oxide/polysilicon passivated contacts for high efficiency solar cells via optimized tunnel layer annealingKaur, Gurleen; ZHENG XIN ; TANMAY DUTTA ; RANJANI SRIDHARAN ; ROLF ARNOLD STANGL ; Danner,Aaron James 
1126-Nov-2018Initial Results of monoPolyTM Silicon Solar Cells at SERISDuttagupta, S ; Nandakumar, N ; Stangl, R ; Aberle, AG 
122015Investigation of Wide Process Temperature Window for Amorphous Silicon Suboxide Thin-Film Passivation Deposited by Inductively Coupled PECVDGe, Jia ; Tang, Muzhi; Wong, Johnson Kai Chi ; Rolf, Arnold Stangl ; Zhang, Zhenhao; Dippell, Torsten; Doerr, Manfred; Hohn, Oliver; Huber, Marco; Wohlfart, Peter; Aberle, Armin Gerhard ; Mueller, Thomas 
132015Light scattering and current enhancement for microcrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on aluminium-induced texture glass superstrates with double textureYin Y.; Sahraei N. ; Venkataraj S. ; Calnan S.; Ring S.; Stannowski B.; Schlatmann R.; Aberle A.G. ; Stangl R. 
141-Dec-2018monoPoly (TM) cells: Large-area crystalline silicon solar cells with fire-through screen printed contact to doped polysilicon surfacesDuttagupta, Shubham ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Padhamnath, Pradeep ; Buatis, Jamaal Kitz ; Stangl, Rolf ; Aberle, Armin G 
158-Oct-2020Solution Processable High Performance Multiwall Carbon Nanotube-Si HeterojunctionsDwivedi, Neeraj ; Dhand, Chetna; Anderson, Erik C; Kumar, Rajeev; Liao, Baochen ; Yeo, Reuben J; Khan, Raju; Carey, J David; Saifullah, Mohammad SM; Kumar, Sushil; Malik, Hitendra K; Hashmi, SAR; Srivastava, Avanish K; Sankaranarayanan, Subramanian KRS; Stangl, Rolf ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
161-Aug-2017Surface passivation investigation on ultra-thin atomic layer deposited aluminum oxide layers for their potential application to form tunnel layer passivated contactsXin, Zheng ; Ling, Zhi Peng ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Kaur, Gurleen; Ke, Cangming ; Liao, Baochen ; Aberle, Armin G ; Stangl, Rolf 
172015Three-dimensional numerical analysis of hybrid heterojunction silicon wafer solar cells with heterojunction rear point contactsLing Z.P. ; Duttagupta S. ; Ma F. ; Mueller T. ; Aberle A.G. ; Stangl R. 
181-Mar-2019Ultra-thin atomic layer deposited aluminium oxide hole-selective contacts for silicon solar cellsXin, Zheng ; Ling, Zhi Peng ; Wang, Puqun ; Ge, Jia ; Ke, Cangming ; Choi, Kwan Bum ; Aberle, Armin G ; Stangl, Rolf