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Wong, J.
Wong, Johnson Kai Chi


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12015Analysis of fine-line screen and stencil-printed metal contacts for silicon wafer solar cellsShanmugam, Vinodh ; Wong, Johnson Kai Chi ; Peters, Ian Marius ; Cunnusamy, Jessen; Zahn, Michael; Zhou, Andrew; Yang, Rado; Chen, Xiao; Aberle, Armin Gerhard ; Mueller, Thomas 
22020Correlation study of doped layer mid-IR properties to the end-of-line parameters of bifacial PERC solar cellsAnanthanarayanan, Divya; Wong, Johnson ; Xin, Zheng ; Mitchell, Bernhard; Esefelder, Sascha; Mette, Britta; Choi, Kwan Bum ; Jian Wei Ho 
32020Development of Inline Solar Cell Metrology Using Contacted and Contactless Quantum EfficiencyWong, Johnson ; Mitchell, Bernhard; Esefelder, Sascha; Mette, Britta; Tjahjono, Budi; Choi, Kwan Bum ; Heng, Min Xuan Clarence ; Chuah, Tuang Heok ; Jian Wei Ho 
425-Jun-2012From junction to terminal: Extended reciprocity relations in solar cell operationWong, J. ; Green, M.A.
52020Inline Solar Cell Statistics Combining I-V and Quantum EfficiencyMitchell, Bernhard; Wong, Johnson ; Esefelder, Sascha; Mette, Britta; Tjahjono, Budi; Choi, Kwan Bum ; Heng, Min Xuan Clarence ; Chuah, Tuang Heok ; Jian Wei Ho 
61-Jan-2018Investigation of Potential-Induced Degradation in n-PERT Bifacial Silicon Photovoltaic Modules with a Glass/Glass StructureLUO WEI ; KHOO YONG SHENG ; JAI PRAKASH ; JOHNSON KAI CHI WONG ; WANG YAN ; ABERLE,ARMIN GERHARD ; SEERAM RAMAKRISHNA 
72015Investigation of Wide Process Temperature Window for Amorphous Silicon Suboxide Thin-Film Passivation Deposited by Inductively Coupled PECVDGe, Jia ; Tang, Muzhi; Wong, Johnson Kai Chi ; Rolf, Arnold Stangl ; Zhang, Zhenhao; Dippell, Torsten; Doerr, Manfred; Hohn, Oliver; Huber, Marco; Wohlfart, Peter; Aberle, Armin Gerhard ; Mueller, Thomas 
81-Jan-2020Luminescence Image Analysis Using Finite-Element Models: Finished Solar Cell AnalysisWong, J ; Ho, JW ; Inns, D; Fruhauf, F
91-Apr-2019Metal contact recombination in monoPoly (TM) solar cells with screen-printed & fire-through contactsPadhamnath, Pradeep ; Wong, Johnson ; Nagarajan, Balaji ; Buatis, Jammaal Kitz ; Ortega, Luisa Ma ; Nandakumar, Naomi ; Khanna, Ankit ; Shanmugam, Vinodh ; Duttagupta, Shubham 
102020Mid-Infrared Characterization and Modelling of Transparent Conductive OxidesAnanthanarayanan, Divya; Leon, Juan J Diaz; Wong, Johnson ; Nicolay, Sylvain; Aberle, Armin G ; Jian Wei Ho 
111-Feb-2020Mid-infrared reflectance and transmittance characterization of phosphorus and boron diffused silicon solar wafersAnanthanarayanan, D; Wong, J ; Balaji, N ; Aberle, AG ; Ho, JW 
12Nov-2011Perturbation theory for solar cell efficiency I - Basic principlesWong, J. ; Green, M.A.
137-Apr-2013The augmented saddle field discharge characteristics and its applications for plasma enhanced chemical vapour depositionWong, J. ; Yeghikyan, D.; Kherani, N.P.