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Peters, Ian, Marius


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2017A modeling framework for optimizing current density in four-terminal tandem solar cells: A case study on GaAs/Si tandemLIU ZHE ; REN ZEKUN ; LIU HAOHUI ; NASIM SAHRAEI KHANGHAH ; LIN FEN ; ROLF ARNOLD STANGL ; ABERLE,ARMIN GERHARD ; Buonassisi, T; IAN MARIUS PETERS 
2Apr-2020A Worldwide Theoretical Comparison of Outdoor Potential for Various Silicon-Based Tandem Module ArchitectureLiu, Haohui ; Rodríguez-Gallegos, Carlos D ; Liu, Zhe ; Buonassisi, Tonio; Reindl, Thomas ; Peters, Ian Marius 
32015An Empirical Model for Rack-Mounted PV Module Temperatures for Southeast Asian Locations Evaluated for Minute Time ScalesVeldhuis, Anton J.; Nobre, Andre M.; Peters, Ian, Marius ; Reindl, Thomas Gunter ; Ruther, Ricardo; Reinders, Angele H.M.E.
42015Analysis of fine-line screen and stencil-printed metal contacts for silicon wafer solar cellsShanmugam, Vinodh ; Wong, Johnson Kai Chi ; Peters, Ian Marius ; Cunnusamy, Jessen; Zahn, Michael; Zhou, Andrew; Yang, Rado; Chen, Xiao; Aberle, Armin Gerhard ; Mueller, Thomas 
51-Dec-2020Author Correction: Embedding physics domain knowledge into a Bayesian network enables layer-by-layer process innovation for photovoltaics (npj Computational Materials, (2020), 6, 1, (9), 10.1038/s41524-020-0277-x)Ren, Z ; Oviedo, F; Thway, M ; Tian, SIP; Wang, Y ; Xue, H ; Perea, JD; Layurova, M; Heumueller, T; Birgersson, E ; Aberle, AG ; Brabec, CJ; Stangl, R ; Li, Q ; Sun, S; Lin, F ; Peters, IM ; Buonassisi, T
62014Black silicon: Fabrication methods, properties and solar energy applicationsLiu, X ; Coxon, P.R; Peters, M ; Hoex, B ; Cole, J.M; Fray, D.J
71-Jul-2018Developing a Robust Recombination Contact to Realize Monolithic Perovskite Tandems With Industrially Common p-Type Silicon Solar CellsHoye, Robert LZ; Bush, Kevin A; Oviedo, Felipe; Sofia, Sarah E; MAUNG THWAY ; LI XINHANG ; LIU ZHE ; Jean, Joel; Mailoa, Jonathan P; Osherov, Anna; LIN FEN ; Palmstrom, Axel F; Bulovic, Vladimir; McGehee, Michael D; IAN MARIUS PETERS ; Buonassisi, Tonio
812-Mar-2012Electromagnetic simulations of a photonic luminescent solar concentratorGutmann, J.; Peters, M. ; Bläsi, B.; Hermle, M.; Gombert, A.; Zappe, H.; Goldschmidt, J.C.
92012Emission of Rhodamine B in PMMA opals for luminescent solar concentratorsGutmann, J.; Posdziech, J.; Peters, M. ; Steidl, L.; Zentel, R.; Zappe, H.; Goldschmidt, J.C.
101-Jan-2020Global Techno-Economic Performance of Bifacial and Tracking Photovoltaic SystemsRodríguez-Gallegos, CD ; Liu, H ; Gandhi, O ; Singh, JP ; Krishnamurthy, V ; Kumar, A ; Stein, JS; Wang, S; Li, L; Reindl, T ; Peters, IM 
112015Investigation of interdigitated metallization patterns for polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on glassKe, Cangming; Chakraborty, Sandipan ; AVISHEK KUMAR ; Widenborg, Per Ingemar ; Aberle, Armin Gerhard ; Peters, Ian Marius 
121-Aug-2017Performance of silicon solar cells under filtered spectra and different light intensitiesThway, Maung ; Sahraei, Nasim ; Ren, Zekun ; Chua, Soo Jin ; Aberle, Armin G ; Buonassisi, Tonio; Peters, Ian Marius ; Lin, Fen 
132014Phase space considerations for light path lengths in planar, isotropic absorbersPeters, I.M. 
141-Aug-2017Sensitivity analysis for III-V/Si tandem solar cells: A theoretical studyThway, Maung ; Ren, Zekun ; Liu, Zhe ; Chua, Soo Jin ; Aberle, Armin G ; Buonassisi, Tonio; Peters, Ian Marius ; Lin, Fen 
152013Spectral splitting module geometry that utilizes light trappingGoldschmidt, J.C.; Do, C.; Peters, M. ; Goetzberger, A.
161-Nov-2018Ultra-Thin GaAs Double-Junction Solar Cell With Carbon-Doped EmitterRen, Zekun ; Thway, Maung ; Liu, Zhe ; Wang, Yue ; Ke, Cangming ; Yaung, Kevin N; Wang, Bing; Tan, Chuan Seng ; Lin, Fen ; Aberle, Armin G ; Buonassisi, Tonio; Peters, Ian Marius