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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2018A comparative life-cycle assessment of photovoltaic electricity generation in Singapore by multicrystalline silicon technologiesLuo, Wei ; Khoo, Yong Sheng ; Kumar, Abhishek ; Low, Jonathan Sze Choong; Li, Yanmin ; Tan, Yee Shee; Wang, Yan ; Aberle, Armin G ; Ramakrishna, Seeram 
22016Conjugated polyelectrolyte nano field emission adlayersCole, M.T; Parmee, R.J; Kumar, A ; Collins, C.M; Kang, M.H; Xiao, J; Cepek, C; Yuan, X; Milne, W.I
32015Electrodes modification based on metal-free phthalocyanine: Example of electrochemical sensors for the detection of acetic acidNdiaye, A.L; Pauly, A; Delile, S; Brunet, J; Varenne, C; Kumar, A 
42015Electroluminescence from Organometallic Lead Halide Perovskite-Conjugated Polymer DiodesSadhanala, A; Kumar, A ; Pathak, S; Rao, A; Steiner, U; Greenham, N.C; Snaith, H.J; Friend, R.H 
51-Jan-2020Global Techno-Economic Performance of Bifacial and Tracking Photovoltaic SystemsRodríguez-Gallegos, CD ; Liu, H ; Gandhi, O ; Singh, JP ; Krishnamurthy, V ; Kumar, A ; Stein, JS; Wang, S; Li, L; Reindl, T ; Peters, IM 
61-Nov-2021Photovoltaic module failures after 10 years of operation in the tropicsLuo, W ; Clement, CE ; Khoo, YS ; Wang, Y ; Khaing, AM ; Reindl, T ; Kumar, A ; Pravettoni, M 
72017Self-texturizing electronic properties of a 2-dimensional GdAu2 layer on Au(111): The role of out-of-plane atomic displacementCorrea, A; Camellone, M.F; Barragan, A; Kumar, A ; Cepek, C; Pedio, M; Fabris, S; Vitali, L
815-Jan-2021The cooling effect of floating PV in two different climate zones: A comparison of field test data from the Netherlands and SingaporeDörenkämper, M; Wahed, A ; Kumar, A ; de Jong, M; Kroon, J; Reindl, T 
92014The influence of nanocrystal aggregates on photovoltaic performance in nanocrystal-polymer bulk heterojunction solar cellsBöhm, M.L; Kist, R.J.P; Morgenstern, F.S.F; Ehrler, B; Zarra, S; Kumar, A ; Vaynzof, Y; Greenham, N.C