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Reindl Thomas Guenter
Reindl Thomas Guenter
Reindl, T.
Reindl, Thomas Gunter

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A novel hybrid approach based on self-organizing maps, support vector regression and particle swarm optimization to forecast solar irradianceDong, Zibo ; Yang, Dazhi ; Reindl Thomas Guenter ; Walsh, Wilfred Michael 
2Apr-2020A Worldwide Theoretical Comparison of Outdoor Potential for Various Silicon-Based Tandem Module ArchitectureLiu, Haohui ; Rodríguez-Gallegos, Carlos D ; Liu, Zhe ; Buonassisi, Tonio; Reindl, Thomas ; Peters, Ian Marius 
32015An Empirical Model for Rack-Mounted PV Module Temperatures for Southeast Asian Locations Evaluated for Minute Time ScalesVeldhuis, Anton J.; Nobre, Andre M.; Peters, Ian, Marius ; Reindl, Thomas Gunter ; Ruther, Ricardo; Reinders, Angele H.M.E.
42012Comparison of parameterisation models for the estimation of the maximum power output of PV modulesDing, K.; Ye, Z. ; Reindl, T. 
51-Sep-2021Comprehensive feasibility assessment of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) on building surfaces in high-density urban environmentsSun, H ; Heng, CK ; Tay, SER ; Chen, T ; Reindl, T 
61-Jan-2017Energy storage for PV-driven air-conditioning for an off-grid resort - A case studyLuerssen, C; Wahed, A ; Reindl, T ; Miller, C ; Cheong, D ; Sekhar, C 
715-Mar-2021Global sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of the levelised cost of storage (LCOS) for solar-PV-powered coolingLuerssen, Christoph; Verbois, Hadrien; Gandhi, Oktoviano; THOMAS GUENTER REINDL ; SEKHAR,SITARAMAN CHANDRA ; CHEONG KOK WAI,DAVID 
81-Jan-2020Global Techno-Economic Performance of Bifacial and Tracking Photovoltaic SystemsRodríguez-Gallegos, CD ; Liu, H ; Gandhi, O ; Singh, JP ; Krishnamurthy, V ; Kumar, A ; Stein, JS; Wang, S; Li, L; Reindl, T ; Peters, IM 
915-Apr-2019Impact of urban block typology on building solar potential and energy use efficiency in tropical high-density cityZhang, Ji ; Xu, Le ; Shabunko, Veronika ; Tay, Stephen En Rong ; Sun, Huixuan ; Lau, Stephen Siu Yu ; Reindl, Thomas 
1015-May-2019Levelised Cost of Storage (LCOS) for solar-PV-powered cooling in the tropicsLuerssen, C; Gandhi, O; Reindl, T ; Sekhar, C ; Cheong, D 
111-Sep-2020Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) of PV-powered cooling systems with thermal energy and battery storage for off-grid applicationsLuerssen, C; Gandhi, O ; Reindl, T ; Sekhar, C ; Cheong, D 
1223-Jan-2021Novel forecast-based dispatch strategy optimization for PV hybrid systems in real timeRodriguez-Gallegos, Carlos D ; Vinayagam, Lokesh ; Gandhi, Oktoviano ; Yagli, Gokhan Mert ; Alvarez-Alvarado, Manuel S; Srinivasan, Dipti ; Reindl, Thomas ; Panda, SK 
137-Sep-2018Optimization and evaluation of naturally ventilated BIPV facade designLau, Siu Kit ; Zhao, Yong ; Shabunko, Veronika ; Yuan Chao ; Lau, Stephen Siu-Yu ; Tablada, Abel ; Reindl, Thomas 
141-Sep-2020Parametric study of URBAN morphology on building solar energy potential in Singapore contextPoon, KH ; Kämpf, JH; Tay, SER ; Wong, NH ; Reindl, TG 
152021Performance loss rates of floating photovoltaic installations in the tropicsLuo, W ; Isukapalli, SN ; Vinayagam, L ; Ting, SA; Pravettoni, M ; Reindl, T ; Kumar, A
161-Nov-2021Photovoltaic module failures after 10 years of operation in the tropicsLuo, W ; Clement, CE ; Khoo, YS ; Wang, Y ; Khaing, AM ; Reindl, T ; Kumar, A ; Pravettoni, M 
17Mar-2014Satellite image analysis and a hybrid ESSS/ANN model to forecast solar irradiance in the tropicsDong, Z.; Yang, D. ; Reindl, T. ; Walsh, W.M. 
1815-Jun-2013Short-term solar irradiance forecasting using exponential smoothing state space modelDong, Z.; Yang, D. ; Reindl, T. ; Walsh, W.M. 
191-Jan-2020Solar-Powered Cooling for the Remote TropicsLuerssen, C; Sekhar, C ; Cheong, D ; Reindl, T 
2015-Jan-2021The cooling effect of floating PV in two different climate zones: A comparison of field test data from the Netherlands and SingaporeDörenkämper, M; Wahed, A ; Kumar, A ; de Jong, M; Kroon, J; Reindl, T