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Reindl Thomas Guenter
Reindl, T.
Reindl, Thomas Gunter


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A novel hybrid approach based on self-organizing maps, support vector regression and particle swarm optimization to forecast solar irradianceDong, Zibo ; Yang, Dazhi ; Reindl Thomas Guenter ; Walsh, Wilfred Michael 
22015An Empirical Model for Rack-Mounted PV Module Temperatures for Southeast Asian Locations Evaluated for Minute Time ScalesVeldhuis, Anton J.; Nobre, Andre M.; Peters, Ian, Marius ; Reindl, Thomas Gunter ; Ruther, Ricardo; Reinders, Angele H.M.E.
32012Comparison of parameterisation models for the estimation of the maximum power output of PV modulesDing, K.; Ye, Z. ; Reindl, T. 
415-May-2019Levelised Cost of Storage (LCOS) for solar-PV-powered cooling in the tropicsLuerssen, C; Gandhi, O; Reindl, T ; Sekhar, C ; Cheong, D 
57-Sep-2018Optimization and evaluation of naturally ventilated BIPV facade designLau, Siu Kit ; Zhao, Yong ; Shabunko, Veronika ; Yuan Chao ; Lau, Stephen Siu-Yu ; Tablada, Abel ; Reindl, Thomas 
6Mar-2014Satellite image analysis and a hybrid ESSS/ANN model to forecast solar irradiance in the tropicsDong, Z.; Yang, D. ; Reindl, T. ; Walsh, W.M. 
715-Jun-2013Short-term solar irradiance forecasting using exponential smoothing state space modelDong, Z.; Yang, D. ; Reindl, T. ; Walsh, W.M. 
82013The influence of wind on the temperature of PV modules in tropical environments, evaluated on an hourly basisVeldhuis, A.J.; Nobre, A.; Reindl, T. ; Ruther, R.; Reinders, A.H.M.E.
92012Use of LiFePO4 batteries in stand-alone solar systemWang, X. ; Adelmann, P.; Reindl, T.