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Heng, C.K.
Kiang, H.C.
Heng, C.K.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2014An (Extra)ordinary Night Out: Urban Informality, Social Sustainability and the Night-time EconomyYeo, S.-J.; Heng, C.K. 
22007Collaborative visualization of Tang Chang'an over the internetXu, S.; Zhang, Y.; Heng, C.K. 
31-Sep-2021Comprehensive feasibility assessment of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) on building surfaces in high-density urban environmentsSun, H ; Heng, CK ; Tay, SER ; Chen, T ; Reindl, T 
42004Ecological considerations for highrise housing in SingaporeOng, B.L. ; Tse, S.L. ; Low, B.L. ; Heng, C.K. 
52012Evaluating environmental implications of density: A comparative case study on the relationship between density, urban block typology and sky exposureZhang, J. ; Heng, C.K. ; Malone-Lee, L.C. ; Hii, D.J.C. ; Janssen, P. ; Leung, K.S.; Tan, B.K. 
62005Interactive visualization of large-scale architectural models over the grid: Strolling in Tang Chang'an cityXu, S.; Heng, C.K. ; Subramaniam, G.; Ho, Q.T.; Khoo, B.T.; Huang, Y. 
72001Learning from Carvajal, an insignificant alleyKiang, H.C. 
82009New Asian public space: Layered SingaporeKiang, H.C. ; Liang, L.B. 
92010On Asian Streets and Public SpaceHee Limin ; Low Boon Liang ; Heng Chye Kiang 
102011Solar radiation performance evaluation for high density urban forms in the tropical contextHii, D.J.C. ; Heng, C.K. ; Malone-Lee, L.C. ; Zhang, J. ; Ibrahim, N.; Huang, Y.C.; Janssen, P. 
112000The making of successful public space: A case study of People's Park SquareHeng, C.K. ; Chan, V. 
122012Urban informality and everyday (night)life: A field study in SingaporeYeo, S.-J.; Hee, L.; Heng, C.K. 
132019Using walk-along interviews to identify environmental factors influencing older adults’ out-of-home behaviors in a high-rise, high-density neighborhoodCao, Y.; Heng, C.K. ; Fung, J.C.