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11-Jan-20163for2: Realizing spatial, material, and energy savings through integrated designSchlueter, A; Rysanek, A; Miller, C ; Pantelic, J ; Meggers, F ; Mast, M; Bruelisauer, M; Wee, CK 
24-Oct-2018A Cyber-physical middleware platform for buildings in smart citiesKalluri, Balaji; Miller, Clayton Carl ; Seshadri, Barath; Schlueter, Arno
32-Sep-2019A Data-Driven Load Shape Profile Based Building Benchmarking: Comparing DOE Reference Buildings with a Large Metering DatasetPark, June Young; Clayton Miller ; Nagy, Zoltan
41-Jan-2018A review of unsupervised statistical learning and visual analytics techniques applied to performance analysis of non-residential buildingsMiller, Clayton ; Nagy, Zoltan; Schlueter, Arno
57-Aug-2017A workflow for managing building information and performance data using virtual reality: an alternative to BIM for existing buildings?Rysanek, Adam; Miller, Clayton Carl ; Schlueter, Arno
61-Jan-2017A workow for managing building information and performance data using virtual reality: An alternative to bim for existing buildings?Rysanek, A; Miller, C ; Schlueter, A
718-Nov-2020Balancing thermal comfort datasets: We GAN, but should we?Quintana, M; Schiavon, S; Tham, KW ; Miller, C 
823-Feb-2020Bayesian calibration at the urban scale: a case study on a largeresidential heating demand application in AmsterdamCheng-Kai Wang; Simon Tindemans; Clayton Miller ; Giorgio Agugiaro; Jantien Stoter
925-May-2020Build2Vec: Building Representation in Vector SpaceAbdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Chong, Adrian ; Miller, Clayton 
10Mar-2021Data science for building energy efficiency: A comprehensive text-mining driven review of scientific literatureAbdelrahman, Mahmoud M ; Zhan, Sicheng ; Miller, Clayton ; Chong, Adrian 
111-Jan-2020Differences in thermal comfort state transitional time among comfort preference groupsSae-Zhang, P; Quintana, M; Miller, C 
121-Jan-2017Energy storage for PV-driven air-conditioning for an off-grid resort - A case studyLuerssen, C; Wahed, A ; Reindl, T ; Miller, C ; Cheong, D ; Sekhar, C 
1315-Oct-2020EnergyStar plus plus : Towards more accurate and explanatory building energy benchmarkingArjunan, Pandarasamy; Poolla, Kameshwar; Miller, Clayton 
141-Feb-2021Environmental Exposures in Singapore Schools: An Ecological StudyPeriyakoil, Divya; Das, Hari Prasanna; Miller, Clayton ; Spanos, Costas J; Prata, Ndola
151-Oct-2020Humans-as-a-Sensor for Buildings-Intensive Longitudinal Indoor Comfort ModelsJayathissa, Prageeth ; Quintana, Matias; Abdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Miller, Clayton 
161-Jan-2019Is your clock-face cozie? A smartwatch methodology for the in-situ collection of occupant comfort dataJayathissa, Prageeth ; Quintana, Matias; Sood, Tapeesh ; Nazarian, Negin; Miller, Clayton 
174-Apr-2020Islands of misfit buildings: Detecting uncharacteristic electricity use behavior using load shape clusteringQuintana, Matias; Arjunan, Pandarasamy; Miller, Clayton 
189-Sep-2015Long wave radiation exchange for urban scale modeling within a co-simulation environmentMiller, Clayton Carl ; Thomas, Daren; Kampf, Jerome; Schlueter, Arno
191-Dec-2017Mining electrical meter data to predict principal building use, performance class, and operations strategy for hundreds of non-residential buildingsMiller, Clayton ; Meggers, Forrest
201-Jan-2019Poster Abstract: Towards Class-Balancing Human Comfort Datasets with GANsQuintana, Matias; Miller, Clayton