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Clayton Carl Miller


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4115-Nov-2021Longitudinal personal thermal comfort preference data in the wildQuintana, M; Abdelrahman, M ; Frei, M ; Tartarini, F; Miller, C 
421-May-2022Low-Cost Thermohygrometers to Assess Thermal Comfort in the Built Environment: A Laboratory Evaluation of Their Measurement PerformanceSalamone, Francesco; Chinazzo, Giorgia; Danza, Ludovico; Miller, Clayton ; Sibilio, Sergio; Masullo, Massimiliano
431-Dec-2017Mining electrical meter data to predict principal building use, performance class, and operations strategy for hundreds of non-residential buildingsMiller, Clayton ; Meggers, Forrest
4428-Jul-2019More Buildings Make More Generalizable Models—Benchmarking Prediction Methods on Open Electrical Meter DataMiller, Clayton 
451-Nov-2022Personal comfort models based on a 6-month experiment using environmental parameters and data from wearablesTartarini, Federico; Schiavon, Stefano; Quintana, Matias ; Miller, Clayton 
461-Jan-2022Personal thermal comfort models using digital twins: Preference prediction with BIM-extracted spatial-temporal proximity data from Build2VecAbdelrahman, Mahmoud M ; Chong, Adrian ; Miller, Clayton 
471-Jan-2019Poster Abstract: Towards Class-Balancing Human Comfort Datasets with GANsQuintana, Matias; Miller, Clayton 
481-Mar-2021Project Coolbit: can your watch predict heat stress and thermal comfort sensation?Nazarian, Negin; Liu, Sijie; Kohler, Manon ; Lee, Jason KW ; Miller, Clayton ; Chow, Winston TL ; Alhadad, Sharifah Badriyah; Martilli, Alberto; Quintana, Matias; Sunden, Lindsey; Norford, Leslie K
491-Dec-2022Quality criteria for multi-domain studies in the indoor environment: Critical review towards research guidelines and recommendationsChinazzo, G; Andersen, RK; Azar, E; Barthelmes, VM; Becchio, C; Belussi, L; Berger, C; Carlucci, S; Corgnati, SP; Crosby, S; Danza, L; de Castro, L; Favero, M; Gauthier, S; Hellwig, RT; Jin, Q; Kim, J; Sarey Khanie, M; Khovalyg, D; Lingua, C; Luna-Navarro, A; Mahdavi, A; Miller, C ; Mino-Rodriguez, I; Pigliautile, I; Pisello, AL; Rupp, RF; Sadick, AM; Salamone, F; Schweiker, M; Syndicus, M; Spigliantini, G; Vasquez, NG; Vakalis, D; Vellei, M; Wei, S
501-Mar-2021Review of machine learning techniques for mosquito control in urban environmentsJoshi, A; Miller, C 
5112-Aug-2022Smartwatch-based ecological momentary assessments for occupant wellness and privacy in buildingsMiller, Clayton Carl ; Christensen, Renee ; Leong, Jin Kai; Abdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Tartarini, Federico; Quintana, Matias ; Mueller, Andre ; Frei, Mario 
5230-Jul-2020Spacematch: Using Environmental Preferences to Match Occupants to Suitable Activity-Based WorkspacesSood, T ; Janssen, P ; Miller, C 
5315-Dec-2020SynCity: Using open data to create a synthetic city of hourly building energy estimates by integrating data-driven and physics-based methodsRoth, Jonathan ; Martin, Amory; Miller, Clayton ; Jain, Rishee K
5415-Jun-2022Targeting occupant feedback using digital twins: Adaptive spatial–temporal thermal preference sampling to optimize personal comfort modelsAbdelrahman, MM ; Miller, C 
5525-Aug-2020The ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III competition: Overview and resultsClayton Miller ; Pandarasamy Arjunan; Anjukan Kathirgamanathan; Chun Fu; Jonathan Roth ; June Young Park; Chris Balbach; Krishnan Gowri; Zoltan Nagy; Anthony Fontanini; Jeff Haberl
561-Nov-2023The Building Data Genome Directory – An open, comprehensive data sharing platform for building performance researchJin, Xiaoyu; Fu, Chun; Kazmi, Hussain; Balint, Atilla; Canaydin, Ada; Quintana, Matias ; Biljecki, Filip ; Xiao, Fu; Miller, Clayton 
5727-Oct-2020The Building Data Genome Project 2, energy meter data from the ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III competitionMiller, Clayton ; Kathirgamanathan, Anjukan; Picchetti, Bianca; Arjunan, Pandarasamy; Park, June Young; Nagy, Zoltan; Raftery, Paul; Hobson, Brodie W; Shi, Zixiao; Meggers, Forrest
581-Jan-2017The Building Data Genome Project: An open, public data set from non-residential building electrical metersMiller, Clayton ; Meggers, Forrest 
591-Jan-2019The SDE4 Learning Trail: Crowdsourcing occupant comfort feedback at a net-zero energy buildingSood, Tapeesh ; Quintana, Matias; Jayathissa, Prageeth ; AbdelRahman, Mahmoud ; Miller, Clayton 
602022Thermal Image Analysis of Singapore’s Housing InfrastructureNaveen Mani Kumar, Balakrishnan; Anirudh, Mothiki Eswara; Jeevakaarthik, Dhanabalan; Miller, Clayton ; Biljecki, Filip