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212022Digital Twin-Based Resilience Evaluation of District-Scale ArchetypesAlva, Pradeep ; Mosteiro-Romero, Martin ; Miller, Clayton ; Stouffs, Rudi 
222-Dec-2023District-scale surface temperatures generated from high-resolution longitudinal thermal infrared images.Lin, Subin; Ramani, Vasantha; Martin, Miguel; Arjunan, Pandarasamy; Chong, Adrian ; Biljecki, Filip ; Ignatius, Marcel ; Poolla, Kameshwar; Miller, Clayton 
2327-May-2022Editorial: Innovative Human-Centric Investigations and Technologies for Human Wellbeing and Health in the Built EnvironmentSalamone, F; Chinazzo, G; Miller, C ; Sibilio, S; Masullo, M
241-Jun-2023Elastic buildings: Calibrated district-scale simulation of occupant-flexible campus operation for hybrid work optimizationMosteiro-Romero, M ; Miller, C ; Chong, A; Stouffs, R 
2515-May-2022Energy balances, thermal performance, and heat stress: Disentangling occupant behaviour and weather influences in a Dutch net-zero energy neighborhoodKazmi, Hussain; Keijsers, Merel; Mehmood, Fahad; Miller, Clayton 
261-Jan-2017Energy storage for PV-driven air-conditioning for an off-grid resort - A case studyLuerssen, C; Wahed, A ; Reindl, T ; Miller, C ; Cheong, D ; Sekhar, C 
2715-Oct-2020EnergyStar plus plus : Towards more accurate and explanatory building energy benchmarkingArjunan, Pandarasamy; Poolla, Kameshwar; Miller, Clayton 
281-Feb-2021Environmental Exposures in Singapore Schools: An Ecological StudyPeriyakoil, Divya; Das, Hari Prasanna; Miller, Clayton ; Spanos, Costas J; Prata, Ndola
2917-Nov-2021Fifty shades of black: Uncovering physical models from symbolic regressions for scalable building heat dynamics identificationLeprince, J; Miller, C ; Frei, M ; Madsen, H; Zeiler, W
301-Jul-2022Fifty shades of grey: Automated stochastic model identification of building heat dynamicsLeprince, J; Madsen, H; Miller, C ; Real, JP; van der Vlist, R; Basu, K; Zeiler, W
319-Nov-2022From Model-Centric to Data-Centric: A Practical MPC Implementation Framework for BuildingsZhan, S ; Quintana, M ; Miller, C ; Chong, A 
322022Gradient boosting machines and careful pre-processing work best: ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III lessons learnedMiller, Clayton Carl ; Hao, Liu; Fu, Chun
331-Oct-2020Humans-as-a-Sensor for Buildings-Intensive Longitudinal Indoor Comfort ModelsJayathissa, Prageeth ; Quintana, Matias; Abdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Miller, Clayton 
341-Jul-2020Introducing IEA EBC annex 79: Key challenges and opportunities in the field of occupant -centric building design and operationO'Brien, William; Wagner, Andreas; Schweiker, Marcel; Mahdavi, Ardeshir; Day, Julia; Kjaergaard, Mikkel Baun; Carlucci, Salvatore; Dong, Bing; Tahmasebi, Farhang; Yan, Da; Hong, Tianzhen; Gunay, H Burak; Nagy, Zoltan; Miller, Clayton ; Berger, Christiane
3515-Nov-2023Introducing the Cool, Quiet City Competition: Predicting Smartwatch-Reported Heat and Noise with Digital Twin MetricsMiller, Clayton ; Quintana, Matias ; Frei, Mario ; Chua, Yun Xuan ; Fu, Chun; Picchetti, Bianca; Yap, Winston; Chong, Adrian ; Biljecki, Filip 
361-Jan-2019Is your clock-face cozie? A smartwatch methodology for the in-situ collection of occupant comfort dataJayathissa, Prageeth ; Quintana, Matias; Sood, Tapeesh ; Nazarian, Negin; Miller, Clayton 
374-Apr-2020Islands of misfit buildings: Detecting uncharacteristic electricity use behavior using load shape clusteringQuintana, Matias; Arjunan, Pandarasamy; Miller, Clayton 
3825-Jun-2021Limitations of machine learning for building energy prediction: ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III Kaggle competition error analysisMiller, Clayton ; Picchetti, Bianca; Fu, Chun; Pantelic, Jovan 
393-May-2022Limitations of machine learning for building energy prediction: ASHRAE Great Energy Predictor III Kaggle competition error analysisMILLER, CLAYTON ; PICCHETTI, BIANCA; FU, CHUN; PANTELIC, JOVAN
409-Sep-2015Long wave radiation exchange for urban scale modeling within a co-simulation environmentMiller, Clayton Carl ; Thomas, Daren; Kampf, Jerome; Schlueter, Arno