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Stouffs, R.
Stouffs, Rudi
Stouffs Rudi
Stouffs, R.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120172017 Proceedings of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban DesignStouffs,Rudi 
28-Oct-2019A model-based approach to convert a building BIM-IFC data set model into CityGMLKamel Adouane ; Rudi Stouffs ; Patrick Janssen ; Bernd Domer
320-Jan-2021A modular graph transformation rule set for IFC-to-CityGML conversionTauscher, Helga ; Lim, Joie ; Stouffs, Rudi 
41-Jan-2019A spatial decision support framework for planningAlva, P ; Janssen, P; Stouffs, R 
51-Jan-2018A triple graph grammar approach to mapping IFC models into Citygml building modelsStouffs, R 
61-May-2019A uniform characterization of augmented shapesStouffs, Rudi ; Krishnamurti, Ramesh
727-Aug-2018Achieving Complete and Near-Lossless Conversion from IFC to CityGMLRUDI MARIA FRANS ANNE STOUFFS ; HELGA TAUSCHER ; Filip Biljecki 
81-May-2018Algorithmic complexity of shape grammar implementationWortmann, Thomas; Stouffs, Rudi 
91-Jan-2016An Algebraic Approach to Implementing a Shape Grammar InterpreterStouffs, Rudi 
101-Jun-2019An algorithmic design grammar embedded with heuristicsHou, Dan; Stouffs, Rudi 
111-Oct-2018An algorithmic design grammar for problem solvingHou, Dan; Stouffs, Rudi 
121-Jan-2018An IFC-to-CityGML Triple Graph GrammarTauscher, Helga ; Stouffs, Rudi 
131-Jan-2018Automated generation of BIM models from 2D CAD drawingsLim, J; Janssen, P ; Stouffs, R 
141-Oct-2017Comparing micro-scale weather data to building energy consumption in SingaporeLiu, Yuezhong; Stouffs, Rudi ; Tablada, Abel; Wong, Nyuk Hien; Zhang, Ji
152019Composite Shape RulesStouffs, Rudi ; Hou, Dan
162018Computational Studies on Cultural Variation and HeredityRudi Maria Frans Anne Stouffs 
171-Feb-2016Construction safety risk drivers: A BIM approachMalekitabar, Hassan; Ardeshir, Abdollah; Sebt, Mohammad Hassan; Stouffs, Rudi 
181-Dec-2017Data driven urban planning & design practiceStouffs, Rudi ; Janssen, Patrick
191-Jan-2016Daylighting Based Parametric Design Exploration of 3D Facade PatternsNarangerel, Amartuvshin; Lee, Ji-Hyun ; Stouffs, Rudi 
201-Jan-2018Description grammars: A general notationStouffs, Rudi