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Zhun Min, Adrian Chong
Zhun Min Adrian, C.
Chong, A.Z.M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-2017A Comparison of MCMC Algorithms for the Bayesian Calibration of Building Energy ModelsCHONG ZHUN MIN,ADRIAN ; Lam Khee Poh
215-Apr-2021A study on the transferability of computational models of building electricity load patterns across climatic zonesWard, R; Wong, CSY; Chong, A ; Choudhary, R; Ramasamy, S
320-Mar-2020Automated recognition and mapping of building management system (BMS) data points for building energy modeling (BEM)ZHAN SICHENG ; CHONG ZHUN MIN,ADRIAN ; BERTRAND LASTERNAS 
41-Nov-2017Bayesian calibration of building energy models with large datasetsChong, Adrian ; Lam, Khee Poh ; Pozzi, Matteo; Yang, Junjing
525-May-2020Build2Vec: Building Representation in Vector SpaceAbdelrahman, Mahmoud ; Chong, Adrian ; Miller, Clayton 
61-Jul-2020Building categorization revisited: A clustering-based approach to using smart meter data for building energy benchmarkingZHAN SICHENG ; Liu, Zhaoru; CHONG ZHUN MIN,ADRIAN ; Yan, Da
71-Jul-2019Continuous-time Bayesian calibration of energy models using BIM and energy dataAdrian Chong ; Weili Xu; Song Chao ; Ngoc-Tri Ngo 
8Mar-2021Data science for building energy efficiency: A comprehensive text-mining driven review of scientific literatureAbdelrahman, Mahmoud M ; Zhan, Sicheng ; Miller, Clayton ; Chong, Adrian 
925-May-2017Energy utilizability concept as a retrofitting solution selection criterion for buildingsJunjing Yang ; Adrian Chong ; Mattheos Santamouris; Denia Kolokotsa; Siew Eang Lee ; Kwok Tham ; Chandra Sekhar ; David Cheong 
1015-Apr-2021eplusr: A framework for integrating building energy simulation and data-driven analyticsJia, H; Chong, A 
119-Nov-2022From Model-Centric to Data-Centric: A Practical MPC Implementation Framework for BuildingsZhan, S ; Quintana, M ; Miller, C ; Chong, A 
121-Apr-2020Generative adversarial network for fault detection diagnosis of chillersKe Yan ; Adrian Chong ; Yuchang Mo
131-Sep-2018Guidelines for the Bayesian calibration of building energy modelsAdrian Chong ; Kathrin Menberg
1415-Mar-2021Occupancy data at different spatial resolutions: Building energy performance and model calibrationChong, Adrian ; Augenbroe, Godfried; Yan, Da
151-Dec-2010Performance evaluation of misting fans in hot and humid climateWong, N.H. ; Chong, A.Z.M. 
161-Jan-2022Personal thermal comfort models using digital twins: Preference prediction with BIM-extracted spatial-temporal proximity data from Build2VecAbdelrahman, Mahmoud M ; Chong, Adrian ; Miller, Clayton 
171-Nov-2013Predicting the envelope performance of commercial office buildings in SingaporeZhun Min Adrian, C. ; Nyuk Hien, W. ; Marcel, Ignatius; Kardinal, Jusuf Steve
1810-Sep-2021The Internet-of-Buildings (IoB) --- Digital twin convergence of wearable and IoT data with GIS/BIMClayton Miller; MAHMOUD MOHAMED MOHAMED ALI ABDELRAHMAN ; Adrian Chong ; Biljecki, Filip ; Matias Quintana; MARIO RAINER FREI ; CHEW YIT LIN, MICHAEL ; WONG HWEE BOON DANIEL 
191-Jan-2015Uncertainty analysis and parameter estimation of HVAC systems in building energy modelsAdrian Chong ; Khee Poh Lam
201-Jan-2015Uncertainty analysis in building energy simulation: A practical approachChong, A ; Xu, W; Lam, KP