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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A framework for early stages of socially sustainable renovation of multifamily buildings with occupants’ participationGoli?, K.; Kosori?, V.; Lau, S.-K. 
26-Jun-2021A holistic strategy for successful photovoltaic (Pv) implementation into singapore’s built environmentKosori?, Vesna ; Lau, Siu-Kit ; Tablada, Abel; Bieri, Monika; M. Nobre, Andre
31-Feb-2020An Investigation on Ventilation of Building-Integrated Photovoltaics System Using Numerical ModelingLau, Siu-Kit ; Zhao, Yong ; Lau, Stephen Siu Yu ; Yuan, Chao ; Shabunko, Veronika 
41-Jan-2021Audiovisual bimodal and interactive effects for soundscape design of the indoor environments: A systematic reviewHasegawa, Yoshimi ; Lau, Siu-Kit 
52018Design optimisation of productive Façades: Integrating photovoltaic and farming systems at the tropical technologies laboratoryTablada A.; Kosori? V. ; Huang H. ; Chaplin I.K. ; Lau S.-K. ; Yuan C. ; Lau S.S. 
62018Effects of absorption placement on sound field of a rectangular room: A statistical approachLau, S.-K. ; Powell, E.A.
715-Feb-2019Effects of vertical farming on natural ventilation of residential buildingsYUAN CHAO ; SHAN RUIQIN ; AYU SUKMA ADELIA ; ABEL ERNESTO TABLADA DE LA TOR ; LAU SIU KIT ; LAU, STEPHEN SIU YU 
818-Dec-2019Experimental Study on Sound Insulation of Ventilation PartitionsLiangfen Du ; Lau Siu Kit ; Siew Eang Lee 
97-Jul-2019High-efficiency sound-absorbing metasurface at low frequencyZhu, Xing-Feng ; Lau Siu Kit ; Lu, Zhenbo ; Jeon, Wonju
101-Mar-2021Identification of factors influencing development of photovoltaic (Pv) implementation in SingaporeLau, Siu-Kit ; Kosori?, V. ; Bieri, Monika; Nobre, Andre. M.
11Oct-2022Motivations and deterrents of Asian small and medium-sized enterprises’ willingness to adopt green electricityTay, Mavian Xin Yi ; Wong, Grace Khei Mie ; Lau, Siu-Kit ; Tay, Stephen En Rong 
127-Sep-2018Optimization and evaluation of naturally ventilated BIPV facade designLau, Siu Kit ; Zhao, Yong ; Shabunko, Veronika ; Yuan Chao ; Lau, Stephen Siu-Yu ; Tablada, Abel ; Reindl, Thomas 
132018Optimization and evaluation of naturally ventilated BIPV Facade designLau, S.-K. ; Zhao, Y. ; Shabunko, V. ; Chao, Y. ; Lau, S.S.-Y. ; Tablada, A. ; Reindl, T. 
147-Jul-2019Soundwalking in a tropical city park: A pilot study in Singapore botanic gardensLi, Heng; Lau Siu Kit ; Genevieve Ow Lai Fern; Xie, Hui