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16-Jul-2020A Metrological Study of Accurate Indoor Characterisation of Commercial Bifacial Photovoltaic Module With Single Light SourceLiang, Tian Shen ; Pravettoni, Mauro ; Singh, Jai Prakash ; Khoo, Yong Sheng 
219-Jan-2023A Spot-Area Method to Evaluate the Incidence Angle Modifier of Photovoltaic Devices-Part 1: CellsSaw, Min Hsian ; Soh, Hui Ling; Ng, Amelia; Birgersson, Karl Erik ; Tay, Stephen En Rong ; Pravettoni, Mauro 
32018Challenges in the pre-normative characterization of bifacial photovoltaic modulesLiang, T.S. ; Poh, D. ; Pravettoni, M. 
42019Correction: A review of crystalline silicon bifacial photovoltaic performance characterisation and simulation (Energy & Environmental Science (2019) DOI: 10.1039/c8ee02184h)Liang T.S. ; Pravettoni M. ; Deline C. ; Stein J.S.; Kopecek R.; Singh J.P. ; Luo W. ; Wang Y. ; Aberle A.G. ; Khoo Y.S. 
523-Mar-2020Meeting the requirements of IEC TS 60904-1-2 for single light source bifacial photovoltaic characterisation: evaluation of different back panel materialsLiang, Tian Shen ; Pravettoni, Mauro ; Singh, Jai Prakash ; Khoo, Yong Sheng 
62-Feb-2023On the metastability of silicon heterojunction solar photovoltaic modulesPravettoni, Mauro ; Rajput, Amit Singh 
72021Performance loss rates of floating photovoltaic installations in the tropicsLuo, W ; Isukapalli, SN ; Vinayagam, L ; Ting, SA; Pravettoni, M ; Reindl, T ; Kumar, A
81-Nov-2021Photovoltaic module failures after 10 years of operation in the tropicsLuo, W ; Clement, CE ; Khoo, YS ; Wang, Y ; Khaing, AM ; Reindl, T ; Kumar, A ; Pravettoni, M 
91-Nov-2022Results from an international interlaboratory study on light- and elevated temperature-induced degradation in solar modulesKaras, J; Repins, I; Berger, KA; Kubicek, B; Jiang, F; Zhang, D; Jaubert, JN; Cueli, AB; Sample, T; Jaeckel, B; Pander, M; Fokuhl, E; Koentopp, MB; Kersten, F; Choi, JH; Bora, B; Banerjee, C; Wendlandt, S; Erion-Lorico, T; Sauer, KJ; Tsan, J; Pravettoni, M ; Caccivio, M; Bellenda, G; Monokroussos, C; Maaroufi, H
101-Jan-2020Results of the IX International Spectroradiometer Intercomparison and impact on precise measurements of new photovoltaic technologiesPavanello, D; Galleano, R; Zaaiman, W; Ankit, M; Kouremeti, N; Gröbner, J; Hoogendijk, K; Po, M; Lisbona, EF; Alius, W; Dosenicova, D; Kroeger, I; Friedrich, D; Haverkamp, E; Minuto, A; Celi, E; Pravettoni, M ; Bellenda, G; Fucci, R
1110-Aug-2022STC Short-Circuit Current Prediction and I-V Simulation of Colored BIPV Modules With Machine Learning and One-Diode Equivalent Circuit ModelsSaw, Min Hsian ; Pravettoni, Mauro ; Birgersson, Erik 
1213-May-2021The effect of capacitance on high-efficiency photovoltaic modules: a review of testing methods and related uncertaintiesPravettoni, Mauro ; Poh, Daren ; Prakash Singh, Jai; Wei Ho, Jian ; Nakayashiki, Kenta