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Aberle, Armin Gerhard
Aberle, A.
Aberle, Aarmin Gerhard
Aberle, A.G.


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1201219% efficient inline-diffused large-area screen-printed Al-LBSF silicon wafer solar cellsBasu, P.K.; Shetty, K.D.; Vinodh, S.; Sarangi, D.; Palina, N.; Duttagupta, S.; Lin, F.; Du, Z.; Chen, J.; Hoex, B. ; Boreland, M.B.; Aberle, A.G. 
2Dec-20095% Efficient evaporated solidphase crystallised poly crystalline silicon thin-film solar cellsKunz, O.; Ouyang, Z.; Varlamov, S.; Aberle, A.G. 
32013A quantitative analysis of photovoltaic modules using halved cellsGuo, S.; Singh, J.P.; Peters, I.M.; Aberle, A.G. ; Walsh, T.M. 
42011Accurate characterisation of silicon nitride films on rough silicon surfaces by ellipsometrySiah, S.C.; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. 
531-Oct-2013Accurate characterization of thin films on rough surfaces by spectroscopic ellipsometrySiah, S.C.; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. 
62015Accurate extraction of the series resistance of aluminum local back surface field silicon wafer solar cellsChen, Jia; Du, Zheren ; Ma, Fajun ; Lin, Fen ; Sarangi, Debajyoti ; Hoex, Bram ; Aberle, Armin Gerhard 
72016Adhesion Improvement and Characterization of Magnetron Sputter Deposited Bilayer Molybdenum Thin Films for Rear Contact Application in CIGS Solar CellsLi W. ; Yan X. ; Aberle A.G. ; Venkataraj S. 
82012Advanced characterisation of silicon wafer solar cellsHoex, B. ; Zhang, W.; Aberle, A.G. 
92011Advanced loss analysis method for silicon wafer solar cellsAberle, A.G. ; Zhang, W.; Hoex, B. 
101-Sep-2012Advanced modeling of the effective minority carrier lifetime of passivated crystalline silicon wafersMa, F.-J. ; Samudra, G.G. ; Peters, M.; Aberle, A.G. ; Werner, F.; Schmidt, J.; Hoex, B. 
112013Advanced solar cell modellingPeters, M.; Fajun, M. ; Cangming, K.; Siyu, G.; Sahraei, N.; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. 
122008Advances in evaporated solid-phase-crystallized poly-si thin-film solar cells on glass (EVA)Kunz, O.; Ouyang, Z.; Wong, J.; Aberle, A.G. 
132011Aluminum induced glass texturing process on borosilicate and soda-lime glass superstrates for thin-film solar cellsVayalakkara, P.; Venkataraj, S.; Wang, J.; Long, J. ; Ren, Z.; Yin, Y.; Widenborg, P.I. ; Aberle, A.G. 
142012Aluminum local back surface field solar cells with inkjet-opened rear dielectric filmsLiu, L.; Du, Z.; Lin, F. ; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. 
152012Analysing partial shading of PV modules by circuit modellingGuo, S.; Walsh, T.M. ; Aberle, A.G. ; Peters, M.
162012Analysing solar cells by circuit modellingGuo, S.; Ma, F.-J.; Hoex, B. ; Aberle, A.G. ; Peters, M.
172015Analysis of fine-line screen and stencil-printed metal contacts for silicon wafer solar cellsShanmugam, Vinodh ; Wong, Johnson Kai Chi ; Peters, Ian Marius ; Cunnusamy, Jessen; Zahn, Michael; Zhou, Andrew; Yang, Rado; Chen, Xiao; Aberle, Armin Gerhard ; Mueller, Thomas 
1821-Jun-2013Analysis of intrinsic hydrogenated amorphous silicon passivation layer growth for use in heterojunction silicon wafer solar cells by optical emission spectroscopyGe, J.; Ling, Z.P.; Wong, J.; Stangl, R.; Aberle, A.G. ; Mueller, T.
19Oct-2012Analysis of optical and morphological properties of aluminium induced texture glass superstratesWang, J.; Venkataraj, S.; Battaglia, C.; Vayalakkara, P.; Aberle, A.G. 
2013-Jan-2014Analytical solution for haze values of aluminium-induced texture (AIT) glass superstrates for a-Si:H solar cellsSahraei, N.; Forberich, K.; Venkataraj, S.; Aberle, A.G. ; Peters, M.