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Xiaonan Wang


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120-Dec-2021An invertible crystallographic representation for general inverse design of inorganic crystals with targeted propertiesREN ZEKUN ; Tian, Siyu Isaac Parker; Noh, Juhwan; Oviedo, Felipe; Xing, Guangzong; JIALI LI ; Liang, Qiaohao; Zhu, Ruiming; Armin Gerhard Aberle ; Sun, Shijing; WANG XIAONAN ; Liu, Yi; Li, Qianxiao; Jayavelu, Senthilnath; Hippalgaonkar, Kedar; Jung, Yousung; Buonassisi, Tonio
22019Blockchain-based smart contract for energy demand managementWang, X. ; Yang, W.; Noor, S.; Chen, C.; Guo, M.; Van Dam, K.H.
315-Aug-2019Design and management of a distributed hybrid energy system through smart contract and blockchainLI YINAN; YANG WENTAO; HE PING; CHEN CHANG; WANG XIAONAN 
413-Feb-2021Design and operation of hybrid renewable energy systems: current status and future perspectivesLI LANYU ; WANG XIAONAN 
52018Energy Demand Side Management with supply constraints: Game theoretic ApproachNoor, S.; Guo, M.; Van Dam, K.H.; Shah, N.; Wang, X. 
62018Framework for WASH sector data improvements in data-poor environments, applied to Accra, GhanaKoppelaar, R.H.E.M; Sule, M.N; Kis, Z; Mensah, F.K; Wang, X ; Triantafyllidis, C; van Dam, K.H; Shah, N
727-Mar-2021Game theory-based renewable multi-energy system design and subsidy strategy optimizationLIU ZUMING ; WANG SHUKUN; LILM MEI QI; KFRAT MARKUS; WANG XIAONAN 
813-Jun-2019High-Purity V2O5 Nanosheets Synthesized from Gasification Waste: Flexible Energy Storage Devices and Environmental AssessmentLI, HE; TIAN, H. ; CHANG, T.-H. ; ZHANG, J.; KOH, S.N.; WANG, X. ; WANG CHI-HWA ; CHEN PO-YEN 
9Dec-2020Improving protein solubility and activity by introducing small peptide tags designed with machine learning modelsHan, X.; Ning, W. ; Ma, X. ; Wang, X. ; Zhou, K. 
102018Local control of fuel cell systems within hybrid renewable energy generation using model predictive controlChen, S.; Chiu, M.-S. ; Wang, X. 
113-Sep-2020Long-term economic planning of combined cooling heating and power systems considering energy storage and demand responseLIU ZUMING ; ZHAO YINGRU; WANG XIAONAN 
1222-May-2019Machine learning prediction of biochar yield and carbon contents in biochar based on biomass characteristics and pyrolysis conditionsZHU XINZHE ; LI YINAN; WANG XIAONAN 
1328-Aug-2020Multi-task prediction and optimization of hydrochar properties from high-moisture municipal solid waste: Application of machine learning on waste-to-resourceLI JIE ; ZHU XINZHE ; LI YINAN; TONG YEN WAH ; YONG SIK OK; WANG XIAONAN 
142019Optimal design of standalone hybrid renewable energy systems with biochar production in remote rural areas: A case studyLi, L. ; You, S.; Wang, X. 
1510-Oct-2019Organic waste to biohydrogen: A critical review from technological development and environmental impact analysis perspectiveTTIAN HAILIN; LI JIE ; YAN MIAO; TONG YEN WAH ; WANG CHI-HWA ; WANG XIAONAN 
162018Recurrent neural network-based model predictive control for continuous pharmaceutical manufacturingWong, W.C ; Chee, E; Li, J; Wang, X 
171-Dec-2021Self-Improving Photosensitizer Discovery System via Bayesian Search with First-Principle SimulationsXu, S ; Li, J ; Cai, P; Liu, X ; Liu, B ; Wang, X 
1831-Aug-2020Simultaneous design and operation optimization of renewable combined cooling heating and power systemsLIU ZUMING ; LIM MEI QI; KRAFT MARKUS; WANG XIAONAN 
192020Special issue on "design and control of sustainable processes"Jogwar, S.S.; Wang, X. 
203-Jun-2019The application of machine learning methods for prediction of metal sorption onto biocharsZHU XINZHE ; WANG XIAONAN ; YONG SIK OK