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Min-Sen Chiu
Min-Sen, C.
Chiu, Min-Sen
Chiu, M.S.
Chiu, M.
Chiu, M.-S.
Chiu M.-S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-1999A comparative study of model-based control techniques for batch crystallization processShen, J.-X.; Chiu, M.-S. ; Wang, Q.-G. 
22006A data-based approach to auto-tuning PID controllerCheng, C.; Chiu, M.-S. 
3Mar-1998A Fast Fourier Transform Approach for On-Line Monitoring of the Maximum Closed-Loop Log ModulusJu, J. ; Chiu, M.-S. 
4Apr-2000A model for pulse jet fabric filtersJu, J.; Chiu, M.-S. ; Tien, C.
51-Jun-1999A multiple model approach to nonlinear internal model control designCui, S.; Chiu, M.-S. 
62003A multiple models based predictive control strategy applied in polymerization reactor controlZhuang, H. ; Ohshima, M.; Chiu, M.-S. 
730-Nov-2001A multiple-model approach to decentralized internal model control designTan, G.T.; Chiu, M.-S. 
8Jul-2004A new data-based methodology for nonlinear process modelingCheng, C.; Chiu, M.-S. 
92012A new extended prediction self-adaptive control (EPSAC) strategy for batch controlSu, Q.L.; Hermanto, M.W.; Braatz, R.D.; Chiu, M.S. 
102012A New Strategy of Locality Enhancement for Justin-Time Learning MethodSu, Q.L.; Kano, M.; Chiu, M.-S. 
11Oct-2005A noniterative neuro-fuzzy based identification method for Hammerstein processesJia, L. ; Chiu, M.-S. ; Ge, S.S. 
12Aug-2009A novel iterative learning control for product quality control in batch processJia, L.; Shi, J.; Chiu, M. 
13Mar-2014A one-step tuning method for PID controllers with robustness specification using plant step-response dataJeng, J.-C.; Tseng, W.-L.; Chiu, M.-S. 
142006A run-to-run control strategy for polymorphic transformation in pharmaceutical crystallizationHermanto, M.W.; Braatz, R.D.; Chiu, M.-S. 
152004Adaptive controller design using just-in-time learning algorithmCheng, C.; Hashimoto, Y.; Chiu, M.-S. 
16Oct-2012Adaptive decentralized PID controllers design using JITL modeling methodologyYang, X.; Jia, L.; Chiu, M.-S. 
172006Adaptive feedback-feedforward control for a class of nonlinear chemical processesJia, L.; Chiu, M.-S. 
18Jun-2009Adaptive feedback-feedforward control scheme design based on neuro-fuzzy systemJia, L.; Tao, P.-Y.; Chiu, M.-S. 
19Jul-2009Adaptive generalized predictive control based on JITL techniqueKansha, Y.; Chiu, M.-S. 
20Feb-2007Adaptive IMC controller design for nonlinear process controlCheng, C.; Chiu, M.-S.