Full Name
Shuzhi Ge
Shuzhi, S.G.
Ge, Shuzhi Sam
Shuzhi Sam, G.
Ge, S.-Z.
Sam Ge, S.
Ge, S.S.
Ge, S.
Sam, G.S.
Ge, Shuzhi S.
Shuzhi Sam Ge

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120033D sound localization based on audio and videoGe, S.S. ; Loh, A.P. ; Guan, F.
21998A direct approach to adaptive controller design and its application to inverted pendulum trackingGe, S.S. ; Hang, C.C. ; Zhang, T.
317-Aug-1999A direct method for robust adaptive nonlinear control with guaranteed transient performanceGe, S.S. ; Hang, C.C. ; Zhang, T.
42005A direct method for robust adaptive nonlinear control with unknown hysteresisWang, Q.; Su, C.-Y.; Ge, S.S. 
52011A functional near-infrared spectroscopy based lie detectorHu, X.-S.; Hong, K.-S.; Ge, S.S. 
62003A General Recurrent Neural Network Model for Time-Varying Matrix InversionZhang, Y. ; Ge, S.S. 
71-Jan-2006A global Implicit Function Theorem without initial point and its applications to control of non-affine systems of high dimensionsZhang, W.; Ge, S.S. 
82008A heuristic method for job-shop scheduling with an infinite wait buffer - From one-machine to multi-machine problemsZhao, Z.J.; Kim, J.; Luo, M.; Lau, H.C.; Ge, S.S. ; Zhang, J.B.
92010A hysteresis model for calcium-mediated ciliary beat frequency in airway epithelial cellsQin, K.-R. ; Xiang, C. ; Ge, S.S. 
10Oct-2005A noniterative neuro-fuzzy based identification method for Hammerstein processesJia, L. ; Chiu, M.-S. ; Ge, S.S. 
11Mar-1997A nonlinear feedback controller for a single-link flexible manipulator based on a finite element modelGe, S.S. ; Lee, T.H. ; Zhu, G.
12Nov-2008A novel settling controller for dual-stage servo systemsZhang, J.; Du, C.; Ge, S.S. 
132004A primal neural network for solving nonlinear equations and inequalitiesZhang, Y.; Ge, S.S. 
14Jul-1998A quasi-tracking approach for finite-time control of a mass-beam systemZhu, G.; Ge, S.S. 
151999A robust distributed controller of a single-link SCARA/Cartesian smart materials robotGe, S.S. ; Lee, T.H. ; Gong, J.Q.
16Mar-2014A saliency-driven robotic head with bio-inspired saccadic behaviors for social roboticsHe, H.; Ge, S.S. ; Zhang, Z.
172020A Survey on Visual Navigation for Artificial Agents with Deep Reinforcement LearningZeng, F.; Wang, C.; Ge, S.S. 
182009A switched system approach to scheduling of networked control systems with communication constraintsDai, S.-L.; Lin, H. ; Ge, S.S. 
19Oct-2004A unified quadratic-programming-based dynamical system approach to joint torque optimization of physically constrained redundant manipulatorsZhang, Y. ; Ge, S.S. ; Lee, T.H. 
202001A web-based laboratory on control of a two-degree-of-freedom helicopterZhang, J. ; Chen, J. ; Ko, C.C. ; Chen, B.M. ; Ge, S.S.