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1Jul-2013A dynamic model for intracellular calcium response in fibroblasts induced by electrical stimulationSun, G.-X.; Wang, L.-J.; Xiang, C. ; Qin, K.-R.
22006A fast learning algorithm based on layered hessian approximations and the pseudoinverseTeoh, E.J.; Xiang, C. ; Tan, K.C. 
32009A general framework for least-squares based identification of time-varying system using multiple modelsXiang, C. ; Lai, C.Y.; Lee, T.H. ; Narendra, K.S.
42010A hysteresis model for calcium-mediated ciliary beat frequency in airway epithelial cellsQin, K.-R. ; Xiang, C. ; Ge, S.S. 
5Oct-2008A mathematical model for ATP-mediated calcium dynamics in vascular endothelial cells induced by fluid shear stressHu, X.-Q.; Xiang, C. ; Cao, L.-L.; Xu, Z.; Qin, K.-R. 
62007A modified dynamic model for shear stress induced ATP release from vascular endothelial cellsXiang, C. ; Cao, L.; Qin, K.; Xu, Z.; Chen, B.M. 
72016A multi-component parallel-plate flow chamber system for studying the effect of exercise-induced wall shear stress on endothelial cellsWang Y.-X.; Xiang C. ; Liu B.; Zhu Y.; Luan Y.; Liu S.-T.; Qin K.-R.
82008A necessary and sufficient condition for stability of arbitrarily switched second-order LTI system: Marginally stable caseHuang, Z.H.; Xiang, C. ; Lin, H. ; Lee, T.H. 
92010A novel application of self-organizing network for facial expression recognition from radial encoded contoursGu, W.F.; Venkatesh, Y.V. ; Xiang, C. 
102008A stability criterion for arbitrarily switched second order LTI systemsHuang, Z.H.; Xiang, C. ; Lin, H. ; Lee, T.H. 
11Mar-2008An asynchronous recurrent linear threshold network approach to solving the traveling salesman problemTeoh, E.J.; Tan, K.C. ; Tang, H.J.; Xiang, C. ; Goh, C.K.
122004Architecture analysis of MLP by geometrical interpretationXiang, C. ; Ding, S.Q.; Lee, T.H. 
132009Biological mechanisms revealed by a mathematical model for p53-Mdm2 core regulationYang, Y.; Lee, K.S.; Xiang, C. ; Lin, H. 
142010Composite orthonormal basis for person-independent facial expression recognitionGu, W.F.; Venkatesh, Y.V. ; Xiang, C. 
1527-May-2019DART: Distribution Aware Retinal Transform for Event-based CamerasRamesh, Bharath ; Yang, Hong ; Orchard, Garrick Michael ; Le Thi, Ngoc Anh; Zhang, Shihao; Xiang, Cheng 
16Dec-2011Data-based identification and control of nonlinear systems via piecewise affine approximationLai, C.Y.; Xiang, C. ; Lee, T.H. 
171-May-2008Design of multiple-level hybrid classifier for intrusion detection system using Bayesian clustering and decision treesXiang, C. ; Yong, P.C.; Meng, L.S.
182008Design of predictor-based controllers for input-delay systemsXiang, C. ; Cao, L.L.; Wang, Q.G. ; Lee, T.H. 
192010Dynamic modeling and control of extracellular ATP concentration on vascular endothelial cells via shear stress modulationXiang, C. ; Cao, L.; Qin, K. ; Lee, T.H. 
20Oct-2011Dynamic modeling for flow-activated chloride-selective membrane current in vascular endothelial cellsQin, K.-R. ; Xiang, C. ; Cao, L.-L.