Full Name
Tong Heng Lee
Lee, Tong H.
Lee, T.
Lee, Tong-Heng
Tong, H.L.
Lee Tong, H.
Tong Heng, L.
Heng, Lee Tong
Lee, T.H.
Lee T.H
Lee, Tong Heng
Heng Lee, T.
Lee, T.-H.
Heng, L.T.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A brief overview on miniature fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehiclesCai, G. ; Lum, K.-Y. ; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
2Sep-2013A bumpless hybrid supervisory control algorithm for the formation of unmanned helicoptersKarimoddini, A.; Lin, H.; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
32011A composed hybrid structure for the autonomous flight control of Unmanned helicoptersKarimoddini, A.; Dong, X.; Cai, G. ; Feng, L.; Lin, H. ; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
42011A comprehensive software system architecture for unmanned aerial vehiclesDong, X.; Dong, M. ; Wang, B. ; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
5Nov-2013A comprehensive UAV indoor navigation system based on vision optical flow and laser FastSLAMWang, F.; Cui, J.-Q.; Chen, B.-M. ; Lee, T.H. 
62004A cooperative coevolutionary algorithm for multiobjective optimizationTan, K.C. ; Lee, T.H. ; Yang, Y.J.; Liu, D.S.
72003A cooperative coevolutionary algorithm for multiobjective optimizationTan, K.C. ; Chew, Y.H.; Lee, T.H. ; Yang, Y.J.
82013A customized fastslam algorithm using scanning laser range finder in structured indoor environmentsHon, B.X.; Tian, H.; Wang, F.; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
9Nov-2002A decentralized control of interconnected systems using neural networksHuang, S.N. ; Tan, K.K. ; Lee, T.H. 
10Apr-2003A discrete-time iterative learning algorithm for linear time-varying systemsTan, K.K. ; Huang, S.N. ; Lee, T.H. ; Lim, S.Y.
11May-2005A distributed evolutionary classifier for knowledge discovery in data miningTan, K.C. ; Yu, Q.; Lee, T.H. 
12Oct-1994A framework for robust neural network-based control of nonlinear servomechanismsLee, T.H. ; Wang, Q.G. ; Tan, W.K. 
13Feb-1997A fuzzy controller with decoupling for multivariable nonlinear servo-mechanisms, with application to real-time control of a passive line-of-sight stabilization systemLee, T.H. ; Nie, J.H. ; Lee, M.W.
14Dec-2000A gain scheduled sliding mode control scheme using filtering techniques with applications to multilink robotic manipulatorsXu, J.-X. ; Pan, Ya.-J.; Lee, T.-H. 
152001A gain shaped sliding mode control scheme using filtering techniques with applications to multi-link robotic manipulatorsXu, J.-X. ; Pan, Y.-J.; Lee, T.-H. 
162009A gain-scheduling optimal fuzzy logic controller design for unicycleZhaoqin, G.; Xu, J.-X. ; Tong, H.L. 
172009A general framework for least-squares based identification of time-varying system using multiple modelsXiang, C. ; Lai, C.Y.; Lee, T.H. ; Narendra, K.S.
182008A graph theory based characterization of controllability for multi-agent systems with fixed topologyJi, Z.; Lin, H. ; Lee, T.H. 
197-Oct-2002A heuristic approach to solving a class of bilinear matrix inequality problemsZheng, F. ; Wang, Q.-G. ; Lee, T.H. 
20Aug-1994A knowledge-based predictive process controller-development and implementationLee, T.H. ; Hang, C.C. ; Nungam, S.; Tan, K.K.