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Venkataraj, S.


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12016Adhesion Improvement and Characterization of Magnetron Sputter Deposited Bilayer Molybdenum Thin Films for Rear Contact Application in CIGS Solar CellsLi W. ; Yan X. ; Aberle A.G. ; Venkataraj S. 
230-Apr-2020High-power bifacial perovskite solar cells with shelf life of over 2000 hCHENG YUANHANG ; Xie ChenChoa; Zhu, Guangyao; Xixia Liu; LI HO WA ; SELVARAJ VENKATARAJ ; TAN ZHI KUANG ; Ding, Liming; ABERLE,ARMIN GERHARD ; LIN FEN 
31-Aug-2017Investigation of material properties and thermal stabilities of magnetron-sputter-deposited ZnO:Al/Ag/ZnO:Al transparent conductive coatings for thin-film solar cell applicationsVan Eek, S; Yan, X ; Li, W ; Kreher, S; Venkataraj, S 
41-Jan-2016Investigation of the thickness effect on material and surface texturing properties of sputtered ZnO:Al films for thin-film Si solar cell applicationsYan, Xia ; Li, Weimin ; Aberle, Armin G ; Venkataraj, Selvaraj 
530-Sep-2020Investigations of potassium-induced surface treatment of Cu(In,Ga)Se<inf>2</inf> (CIGSe) thin film solar cells prepared by two-stage process using elemental seleniumZheng, X; Xie, C; LI WEIMIN ; ABERLE,ARMIN GERHARD ; SELVARAJ VENKATARAJ 
62015Light scattering and current enhancement for microcrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on aluminium-induced texture glass superstrates with double textureYin Y.; Sahraei N. ; Venkataraj S. ; Calnan S.; Ring S.; Stannowski B.; Schlatmann R.; Aberle A.G. ; Stangl R. 
720-Aug-2016Optical scattering modeling of etched ZnO:Al superstrates and device simulation studies of a-Si:H solar cells with different texture morphologiesYan, Xia ; Li, Weimin ; Aberle, Armin G ; Venkataraj, Selvaraj 
83-May-2011Self-assembled mesoporous hierarchical-like In2S3 hollow microspheres composed of nanofibers and nanosheets and their photocatalytic activityRengaraj, S.; Venkataraj, S. ; Tai, C.-W.; Kim, Y.; Repo, E.; Sillanpää, M.
915-Jan-2021Superior optoelectrical properties of magnetron sputter-deposited cerium-doped indium oxide thin films for solar cell applicationsDey, K ; Aberle, AG ; van Eek, S; Venkataraj, S 
101-Sep-2015Surface texturing studies of bilayer transparent conductive oxide (TCO) structures as front electrode for thin-film silicon solar cellsYan, Xia ; Li, Weimin ; Aberle, Armin G ; Venkataraj, Selvaraj 
112015Wet-chemical surface texturing of sputter-deposited ZnO:Al films as front electrode for thin-film silicon solar cellsYan X. ; Venkataraj S. ; Aberle A.G.